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Increase on-site efficiency by up to 70% with the latest blueprint app

15.09.2020 | 4 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

PlanRadar‘s construction management software drives thousands of construction projects every day. The key to its planning power comes from the integration of blueprints and detailed floor plans. Our blueprint app allows you to share, edit and view plans for all building and every project, wherever you are. By directly recording all defects on the digital blueprint, planners, supervisors and subcontractors can identify faults, record details and assign tasks to ensure defects are resolved as quickly as possible.

PlanRadar is proven to increase on-site efficiency by up to 70%.

Two engineering working together and using digital tablet looking blueprint and analysis with architectural plan on desk.

Blueprint-driven defect management

Our blueprint app uses the floor plan as the model for defect management. Defects can be tagged directly on your construction drawing for easy and accurate location. Just drag and drop an image file or PDF and PlanRadar will do the rest. With our markup function, create lines, highlights, arrows, text and much more, to add context and information to the defect log, right in the floor plan.

By recording defect resolution directly to the blueprint, as-built documentation is created as the project progresses, with just a few clicks. Simply create a ticket and attach files and images, memos, due dates, and any other information and then assign this directly to the responsible subcontractor. New tickets can be created even when internet access is unavailable with automatic synchronisation as soon as you are connected. As-built documentation can be extracted in seconds as the project progresses. All stakeholders have a real-time view of the project, saving time and preventing miscommunication.

Add position markups and create end-to-end documentation

Mobile daily construction report app

Add position markups on your blueprint and add photos, memos, deadlines, subcontractors, and more to your floor plan. From the foreman to the general contractor, you can link them all. Every team member can access the latest information and collaborate to build a comprehensive view of all defects and their status.

PlanRadar helps to keep projects on track and provides the transparency to enable teams to identify issues and fix them quickly. If issues do result in a dispute, comprehensive inspection reports and the full defect management journey can be extracted in just a few clicks. PDF reports or Excel files can be exported anytime. PlanRadar is compatible with all major operating systems, including iOS, Andriod and Windows platforms and is accessible on a broad range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Find the app in the Apple App Store, Google Play and through Windows 10.

Work directly on complex building plans

Upload multi-level and multi-site plans to create complex building structures with as many nesting layers as needed. Projects can be structured by levels so that tickets can be assigned specifically to buildings and floors and tasks can be linked with specific contractors. Individual levels can be compared to evaluate the probability of known defects appearing in other areas.

If the building design changes, the new plan can be uploaded to the PlanRadar app and automatically synchronised to all devices. All open and closed tickets and their locations are transferred to the new blueprint for project continuity and a complete audit trail. For total assurance, PlanRadar permissions are controlled by an assigned project administrator. You decide who has access and to which projects. Every person can be allocated an access level, with only designated team members given the authority to sign off tickets or assign tasks. You are in control of your project and you determine who can access the information.

BIM Modelling – PlanRadar’s BIM Viewer is here

PlanRadar is one of the most productive architecture apps on the market, it’s easy to use, intuitive and efficient no matter the operating platform or device.

We’re always developing new features to meet the changing needs of our customers and our Business Information Modelling (BIM) update will be coming soon. Level 2 BIM is already a mandated requirement for Government projects in the UK, and more private-sector construction firms and clients are seeing the value in collaborative construction through BIM. According to an NBS report, 69% of businesses were already using BIM software in 2019. Now, BIM models will be available in PlanRadar, adding another element to the use of building plans to drive defect management.

To keep up-to-date on the latest changes and to find out how you can access BIM through PlanRadar, register here.

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