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Increase on-site efficiency by up to 70% with the latest blueprint app

15.09.2020 | 5 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

PlanRadar‘s construction management software provides projects with a sweeping blueprint and floor plan management solution. Sharing, editing, and viewing blueprints have never been so easy! Our blueprint app allows you to directly locate all defects on the digital blueprint and cooperate with planners and subcontractors. Try PlanRadar for free, reduce costs up to 70% and give us a review about Your experiences!

PlanRadar blueprint app

There were some great software apps for blueprints and construction project management available in 2018, but what are your benefits with PlanRadar in 2019?

Blueprint drawing

blueprint drawing PlanRadar

Our blueprint and floor plan app let you label defects directly on your digital construction drawing and building plan. Just drag and drop an image file or pdf and we’ll do the rest! With our markup function, you can create lines, highlighters, arrows, text, manual lines, and much more in all different colors and sizes right in the floor plan.

Use as-built documentations with only one click. Create a ticket and attach files and photos, memos, due dates, and every single important piece of information, to directly assign or link it to the responsible subcontractor. Export as built documentations in seconds or create new documentations on the fly whenever you want even from home. This will save you tons of time and work.

Find out more about what PlanRadar can do for you on our Construction Management Software page.

Position markups, asks, photos & more

Add position markups on your blueprint and add photos, memos, deadlines, subcontractors, and more to your floor plan. From the foreman to the general contractor – You can link them all – every team member has access to the latest information and can profit from the use of this support. But only if you allow it!
Need gapless documentations for evidence cases? PlanRadar facilitates the giving of evidence in high speed. Get your pdf and excel files anytime you want to and save up to 7 hours weekly with the support of our blueprint app! No matter which operating system you´re using, we´re supporting Windows as well as Mac OS. 2019 gives you a new chance to get rid of your old time-consuming habits with the support of PlanRadar and the right tools for your business needs! Gain more free time for you and your family at home instead of wasting your precious energy on non-optimized workflows.

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Always the latest sheet version

Construction apps
You can easily import unlimited floor plans (jpg or png) if you want to without any loss of quality. You can navigate smoothly through all your plans without delay.

PlanRadar will sync automatically on all project member devices and support their work lightning fast. Everyone gets access to new drawings regardless of their location and even from home. PlanRadar’s easy to use construction app is available for all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Complex building structures

PlanRadar construction software
Upload plans in our blueprint app and create complex building structures if needed. Add as many nesting layers as you want. Structuring your projects by levels helps you assign tickets specifically to buildings and floors and link them to the responsible contractor.
Feel free to replace existing plans with a new plan status. All tickets and ticket positions remain unchanged. We also use them as reference points to make it easy for you to work on different scales and compare created layers to each other. More than 1.200 convinced business partners stood to benefit from our software support in 2018. Join us and become a part of the PlanRadar blueprint and construction management solution. Thinking about privacy issues? Since you´re the Administrator it´s also your decision whom to invite as a user and which permissions to give him. This Privacy feature will ensure that nobody receives information that isn’t linked to his or her amenability.

All devices and operating systems: iOS, Android & Windows 10 coming soon

Construction project management software PlanRadar
You can manage your drawings in our web app and get tons of additional features. But information is needed everywhere and anytime! PlanRadar is one of the most productive architecture apps you will ever use! It´s absolutely intuitive no matter if you´re used to working on Windows or Mac OS. You will save time while working from anywhere you want, even from home by using your mobile end device.
Try our software features 2019 for free and let’s start building something great together! 2017 is gone, we´re starting a new year with new challenges! Create a free account, download our app from the app store, and get started right away!

Our blueprint apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices provide you with blueprints, tasks, punch lists and all progress information you need on any device. Manage your construction project from the office, from home or on site. You decide! Feel free to contact us for a demo presentation. We´d like to convince you, not force you. Use our product and benefit as many other companies did before in 2018.

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