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"PlanRadar also provided goal-oriented and competent support which was very helpful during rollout of the software. They valued our suggestions for improvement, engaged in collaborative dialogue and in some cases implemented the requests right away."

Franz Wudy,

Head of Health and Safety for Caverion Deutschland GmbH

Time savings of 50–60% on inspections and document reviews

How Caverion, provider of technical building equipment and facility services, improved the efficiency and quality of processes with PlanRadar

The Caverion group has over 16,000 employees across Europe and generated revenues of 2.1 billion euros in 2019. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, the company provides services in the area of building and industry solutions which includes everything from planning and construction to daily maintenance, state-of-the-art scalable technologies and data-driven decision-making. Caverion focuses on ensuring that the services and solutions offered are comfortable, safe, productive and in harmony with the natural environment. The company uses PlanRadar to achieve these goals. Caverion uses the software to optimise recording of defects, reporting and the coordination of processes and activities in the area of facility and technical property management.

The challenge: Flawed documentation during on-site occupational safety inspections

Franz Wudy is Head of Health and Safety at Caverion Deutschland GmbH. One of his most important tasks is ensuring that occupational safety measures are properly implemented within the company as well as in cooperation with subcontractors, to achieve the self-imposed goal of zero work accidents per year. Thanks to preventative measures, the company is already well under the average for the sector, with only around three hours lost per 1 million hours worked. In addition, Wudy oversees the implementation of integrated management system specifications and operational quality assurance during projects.„This work was originally done manually using forms and photo documentation,“, Franz Wudy explained. This process achieved the desired results but was prone to errors and misunderstandings because connections were not always clear from the recorded information. This resulted in long periods spent editing records in the office, particularly if data records were incomplete or if project processes were not easy to understand.

The solution: Record, share and manage on-site inspections including documents with PlanRadar

Caverion has been using PlanRadar in Germany since 2019 to fully digitalise processes in the area of quality assurance, occupational health and safety, documentation and reporting. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the company was able to switch to using smartphones and tablets without any problems or longer periods of training being required for workers. This applied to both the digital natives from the organisation and those used to working on paper. PlanRadar was even put to use straight away for demanding projects such as cleanrooms, high security laboratories, airports and hospitals.

The result: Time saving and smooth processes

Caverion uses PlanRadar for around 170 projects a year across Germany and the results are clear. „With PlanRadar we save around 50 to 60 per cent on the time spent for inspections and document reviews alone by eliminating time-consuming follow-up work required in the office.. What’s more, we have noticed that our employees have been more willing to take initiative since switching to the software. PlanRadar supports proactive behaviour in terms of planning and implementing work,” Franz Wudy noted. Efficient communication between project participants leads to fewer errors during safety inspections, defect management and other processes. As reports and photos are directly linked, any irregularities can be clearly understood and questions are easier to resolve. Statistical evaluation of the recorded data, including relevant key figures, enables the development of seamless processes from planning and implementation to handover and restitution. “Our customers also appreciate this.Thanks to PlanRadar, we can see the problems or defects that need to be dealt with in a project at a glance,” says Franz Wudy.

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Caverion uses PlanRadar to support these tasks

Documentation for on-site occupational safety inspections

Documentation for on-site occupational safety inspections

All issues related to occupational safety can be documented directly on site and assigned to the responsible people in real time.

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Easy document management in the office and on the go

Easy document management in the office and on the go

Those responsible at Caverion check and manage documents in the process of occupational safety inspections and during follow-up in the office.

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Create and share photo documentation at the touch of a button

Create and share photo documentation at the touch of a button

Caverion creates complete photo documentation with mobile devices and shares images with teams in real time.


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