Eurokonzol Ltd: effective management for several projects


How Eurokonzol Ltd increased the efficiency of its projects by 25-30%

Effective management for several projects

The Hungarian company  Eurokonzol Ltd., is mainly engaged in technical supervision and project management for industrial facilities. The company, which is located in Sopron, has been using digital solutions to optimize its workflow for many years.

The company specialises in industrial real estate, dealing with investments and developments in the food industry. One well-known project is Bonafarm Peak (a slaughterhouse in Mochacz for which Eurokonzol provided full project support, right through to commissioning). A sewage treatment plant was also built in Mohács under the Eurokonzol’s supervision. The company carried out design work for Nestlé, construction the Nestlé Purina factory, Nestlé’s high-bay warehouse in the city of Bük and Tamasi-Hus (10,000 sq.m.) – a factory building and a cold storage warehouse. The Fagen bioethanol plant was also launched in Dunaföldvár.

It is impossible to keep track of everything that needs to be known and done for the project, and in our company one person usually manages 2-3 projects simultaneously. Without digitalisation, it is impossible to monitor, manage and control them.

Gaspar Balczo, Technical Director of Eurokonzol

The challenge: coordinating people, tasks and projects in a single space

Eurokonzol Ltd has a small staff comprising 4 permanent employees and a team of experienced subcontractors who have been cooperating with the company for years. The engineers’ professional knowledge is supported by many years of experience. All Eurokonzol recommendations meet high quality standards and serve as proof of the company’s competence.

One of the main services of Eurokonzol Ltd is the high-quality implementation of civil engineering projects in Hungary and Western Europe. The services are always adapted to the current project and cover the following areas:

  • technical and commercial advice
  • site-specific design
  • project management
  • investment management
  • technical supervision
  • general implementations
  • general contracting
  • real estate development
  • buying and selling real estate

Gaspar Balczo had no previous experience in digitalisation and methods to improve efficiency. However, he started using PlanRadar from the moment he joined the company. He now says that, while he previously supervised two large projects at the same time, after the introduction of PlanRadar, he can now take on a third, smaller one as well. Colleagues have also seen an approximate 25 per cent improvement in productivity thanks to PlanRadar’s software – which saves significant time and money.

Communication within the team, coordination of the colleagues working in different fields, coordination of workflows, reporting in just a few clicks, quick compilation of reports to support accounting, issuing work reports and certificates, keeping documentation, improving communication between customers, designers and contractors – all of these processes have become much easier and more convenient for Eurokonzol with PlanRadar.


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% increase in performance


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Solution: PlanRadar helps to manage multiple projects and tasks with ease

The company accepted the importance of digitalisation in streamlining work processes many years ago and started using technical inspection software in 2015, which it quickly “outgrew” as its operations became more complex and expanded. Therefore, a new solution was needed that could coordinate and manage tasks uniformly on a single platform.

At the time when the company was first established, modern project management and customer support in the Hungarian construction industry was still in its infancy. The aim was therefore to transfer well-established Western examples to Hungarian practice.

It took months of testing, analyzing and comparing the efficiency and performance characteristics of various software solutions, until finally, in 2021, they found PlanRadar and tested it on one of Nestlé’s projects.

Result: productivity increases of 30%

The real breakthrough in digitalization of processes came when the company saw PlanRadar on the market in 2021 and decided that it best matched their goals and expectations. The results speak for themselves: on average, there was a 25-30% improvement in efficiency.

The results were impressive, and since then Eurokonzol has been using the platform exclusively in 9 out of 10 projects, including 6 current projects.

Eurokonzol Ltd pays great attention to technical supervision with an active presence on site, and its professional philosophy is based on the fact that defects should be eliminated not by subsequent repairs or following litigation, but by preventing defects from occurring in the first place.

PlanRadar provides effective defect management and management of large teams of subcontractors on large projects.

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Result: productivity increases of 30%

Many people know the feeling when they have an urgent important matter that needs to be solved, but they don’t know exactly how to do it. It does not happen with PlanRadar. If I check my to-do list and there are no new entries in it, I can be sure that I can sleep peacefully – because I’ve done everything and everything is under control.

Gaspar Balczo , Technical Director of Eurokonzol

Eurokonzol Ltd uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Quick and flexible reporting

Create project reports and task reports in a just a few clicks. All data is immediately available from any device and is stored securely for future reference.

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Quick and flexible reporting

Construction Management

PlanRadar automates supervision, making it easy to monitor all projects simultaneously and keep track of all subcontractors.

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Construction Management

Task Management

With PlanRadar, all project work is logged in one single location, ensuring that project participants have up-to-date information about their tasks and deadlines.

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Task Management