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"PlanRadar is an important tool with which we can assure quality in construction projects and lower costs at the same time."

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Efficient communication for complex projects

FAGSI Vertriebs- und Vermietungs-GmbH was founded in 1980 in Morsbach, Germany, as an independent company within the ALHO group.

The family-owned company, with locations in Germany, France and Switzerland, creates customised container buildings and focuses on quick, flexible solutions with proven efficiency. For projects such as the construction of an office complex for AURUBIS, FAGSI relies on PlanRadar software to guarantee high-quality buildings and on-time handovers.

The challenge: complex projects require communication across different trades

Resa Canli is responsible for project, construction and customer service management and coordinating health and safety at FAGSI. Some of his main responsibilities include ensuring projects are completed on time and coordinating complaint notices. What makes projects at FAGSI complicated is that each contract has a different purpose, from public buildings such as schools with specific requirements to complex office buildings. This means that the design, planning, production and building of container buildings never follows the same plan. Unsurprisingly, ensuring that projects are completed within the foreseen periods and to a high standard is a real challenge.

One example is the creation of the AURUBIS office complex in Hamburg, Germany on a gross floor area of 1,866 m². Guaranteeing communication between trades was key for this complex project. To do this, a balance needed to be found between the requirements of project management, site management and subcontractors (electricians, decorators, HVAC, plumbing, drywallers and many more). All those involved in the project had to have access to the same information for this to work. Tasks, defects and other matters needed to be promptly recorded and sent to the relevant project partners.

At the same time, FAGSI wanted to meet its own requirements — handing over a top-quality building on time and ensuring that the client was completely satisfied.

The solution: PlanRadar, the perfect tool for real-time recording of information

Does tradition have to be in conflict with digitalisation? Not at all. It is, in fact, a welcome addition for Resa Canli.

When searching for a suitable tool, he became aware of PlanRadar after a few trials of other software products. In addition to the construction documentation and report creation features that the company was looking for, it was also important for them that the tool did not require any long induction phases or training for employees.

The project manager was quickly won over by the intuitive software from PlanRadar and its support team who promptly resolved any outstanding issues. Instead, Canli was able to get started with the first project, a nursery, in no time at all. The nursery operator was integrated into the process quickly, easily and free of charge. They could use photos and precise locations on digital plans to forward defects to FAGSI AG within the application, and Resa Canli was then able to check and assess these without any additional delays. Later on, a report was created to ask the relevant subcontractors to address these defects. This process became the standard for work with PlanRadar for the company.

By capturing comments, images or audio in tickets, defects, ideas, tasks and deadlines can be shared with all the relevant workers in real-time.

Everyone involved appreciated the transparent communication and the well-organised structure of all collected data. Procedures that used to involve bulky plans, digital cameras and pencils are now a thing of the past. It is also no longer necessary to transfer the recorded data to Word or Excel tables at a later point. Clear assignment of roles, using the adaptable ticket and report templates within the application, is another benefit. Each worker receives only the information that is relevant for their specific trade.

The result: successful projects completed on time and without snags

Regardless of the project size, Resa Canli uses PlanRadar for construction documentation, site diaries, final acceptance and to monitor subcontractor performance. FAGSI AG has been using PlanRadar since 2018 and has successfully completed 150 projects with it so far. Because everyone involved can be contacted directly, available resources can be used more efficiently, while misunderstandings are prevented. This keeps construction errors to a minimum and reduces the costs of follow-up work. The time savings, like for the AURUBIS project, are incredible.

In this case, defects were immediately identified, noted, communicated and recorded in reports. FAGSI’s experience has shown that subcontractors react more quickly and efficiently with this concise type of reporting. It is not unusual for Resa Canli to save 10 hours of work per weekas a result.

The project was handed over free of defects and on time, which is not always a given for complex projects, and further enhanced the company’s reputation among clients.

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FAGSI uses PlanRadar software for these tasks:

Digital site diaries

Digital site diaries

FAGSI has access to quick and easy documentation through the mobile app.

Site Diary
Creating reports with just one tap

Creating reports with just one tap

With PlanRadar, data such as images and plan sections can be compiled quickly and easily exported as a PDF

Report Templates
Mobile photo and video documentation

Mobile photo and video documentation

Use smartphones or tablets to upload and document issues on site with photos and videos

Photo documentation

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