Bobinet duo

DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG
ca. € 21,000,000
Total living area: 5,242 m² | Total land area: 6.315 m²
Trier, Germany
Structural engineering

A new and exciting project named “Bobinet Duo” is being built in Trier, Germany. The “Bobinet Duo” complex consists of two freestanding, architecturally dynamic buildings which feature rounded corners. The property is in stark contrast to the mostly industrial flair of the up-and-coming Bobinet district, making it a very exciting and interesting investment prospect. The buildings’ central location will enable the residents to enjoy a plethora of cultural and leisure activities, adding to the property’s value.

Statement from DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG:

We have been working with PlanRadar since the beginning of 2019. We are extremely satisfied with the personal approach of PlanRadar´s employees! The benefits of using this software are more than evident. The accelerated pace of construction supervision, one that includes photo documentation, as well as the professional transfer of communal and private property have all become indispensable assets in our work.