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"24 hours after the introduction of the application to the site manager, he was seen taking photos and entering tasks into PlanRadar on the site with his tablet around his neck."

Lucas Hitau,

Construction Manager at Eurobati Aquitaine

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How Eurobati Aquitaine uses PlanRadar for remote site monitoring

Eurobati Aquitaine is a French road construction company whose main clients are developers specialised in housing. Wanting to optimise process, improve communication between teams and save time, Eurobati Aquitaine turned to PlanRadar as a soltion. With the platform in place, both the site manager and construction manager quickly noticed tangible results. With seamless commincation and precise supervisoon through the app, they are now confident in meeting any deadline set by developers.

The challenge: Optimise processes to save time

For Lucas Hitau, Construction Manager at Eurobati Aquitaine, some specific aspects of the company’s processes had to be reviewed to achieve the company’s objective of strong growth. Among the points identified, one of the changes suggested was to improve communication within the teams on site and between the Site Manager and the Construction Manager.

This could help to save time, particularly time spent on site management. Before using PlanRadar, communication was mainly through meetings and verbal exchanges. This could hinder the flow of work, especially because due to a large number of information sources. Moreover, this way of working increased the margin of error because not all information was kept up to date.

The solution: improve communication processes on site and in the office

To make communication faster and clearer, Eurobati Aquitaine teams are now using several of PlanRadar’s features.

First, the construction plans are digitized and imported into the PlanRadar application. This allows the construction manager and the site manager to access the latest version of the project from their phone or tablet. There is no risk of working on an outdated version of the plan, meaning that errors are avoided.

Secondly, the tasks that need to be performed by different team members are directly entered and pinned to locations on the plans in PlanRadar. This makes communication and remote management easier and clearer. The team particularly values the ability to add photos, which makes it possible to identify the tasks on-site at a glance. Using voice memos or written comments to describe the task also gives each worker a precise understanding of their mission. To achieve its strong growth ambitions over the next few years, Eurobati Aquitaine intends to expand its uses of the software.

The next  objective is to use the reporting templates available in the platform to automate the creation of reports. This will allow the team to save precious time on site monitoring and reporting. The company also plans to increase the number of PlanRadar licenses to meet the increased demand for projects.

The result: significant time savings on site management

According to Lucas Hitau, both the site manager and construction manager quickly noticed tangible results. “On the last two projects carried out with PlanRadar, we saved time and improved the clarity of our communications.”

Centralisation of up-to-date information in the application accelerated communication. This change in the way of working was natural and easy thanks to the platform’s ease-of-use. This was emphasised by Lucas Hitau : “Just 24 hours after the introduction of the application to the site manager, he was seen taking photos and entering tasks into PlanRadar on the site with his tablet around his neck.” Lucas Hitau also appreciates that PlanRadar’s software keeps a complete history of tasks and actions performed on the project. This provides a valuable legal asset, a safety net for the company, which can then protect itself in case of litigation.

Finally, the centralisation of information on the platform gives Lucas Hitau complete knowledge of all his current building sites. Thanks to this clear and precise supervision, and the now seamless communication with his site manager, he is certain of being able to meet the deadlines set by the developers.

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Eurobati Aquitaine uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Maintain the Golden Thread of Information

Maintain the Golden Thread of Information

Les échanges sont raccourcis et plus efficaces entre les acteurs du projet, grâce à une centralisation des informations sur la plateforme.

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Photo Documentation

Photo Documentation

Eurobati Aquitaine uses photo documentation to make it even easier for workers to identify the how and where to work on the construction site.

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Effective communication

Effective communication

Information exchanges between the project actors are shorter and more efficient, thanks to the centralisation of data on the platform

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