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"The use of PlanRadar has been a significant advancement in our snag list management, making our daily tasks much easier and more efficient, helping us save time and money."

Cándido Álvarez Guijarro,

Production Director at Grupo Sima

Grupo Sima improves efficiency in snag list management with PlanRadar

The construction company opts for PlanRadar in task management after construction and plans to extend its use in future projects

Grupo Sima is a successful construction company with over 200 satisfied clients who trust them for both commercial construction (offices, shopping centers, etc.) and residential construction, creating efficient, comfortable, and productive spaces.

Additionally, Grupo Sima includes other companies like Paee, dedicated to Passivhaus standard construction, embracing innovation and sustainability.

PlanRadar is proud to have clients like Grupo Sima, who put great effort into the continuous improvement of their processes through innovation and digitisation.

PlanRadar, a great ally for snag lists and communication with subcontractors

Grupo Sima started implementing PlanRadar as a tool for snag management. Thanks to the tool, the Grupo Sima team has been able to communicate and document any necessary tasks, making their management and supervision much easier and faster, whether on-site or from the office. Additionally, they have been able to use PlanRadar from any device, even in offline mode.

Using the free and unlimited access for subcontractors

The construction company highlights the benefit of giving access to the subcontractors they work with. Implementing the use of PlanRadar among their network of subcontractors was straightforward, as some of them already use PlanRadar for other construction companies.

According to Grupo Sima’s Production Director: “PlanRadar has been able to adapt to our needs in terms of incident management, and we received the necessary support from our local team for its implementation.”

PlanRadar will be used throughout the execution of future projects at Grupo Sima

PlanRadar has proven to be a highly useful tool for Grupo Sima. Its main functions include defect management and communication, task assignment, and liability limitation.

According to Grupo Sima’s Production Director, PlanRadar is expected to be used not only as a snag list tool but also throughout the execution of future projects, such as the YZ HUB project.

Grupo Sima expects PlanRadar to be particularly useful for:

  • Defect and task management
  • Daily internal and external communication with all project stakeholders
  • Issuing minutes and photographic reports
  • Material control

What is YZ HUB, and how does PlanRadar participate in the project?

YZ HUB is a collaborative project involving more than 25 leading construction companies that aims to showcase how innovative and sustainable solutions can create the home of the future. It´s a pilot project, a 240 m2 single-family home that showcases not only an example of passive, industrialized, and connected housing, meeting the interests of “Y” and “Z” generations but also a new, more efficient way of construction through digitisation.

PlanRadar is involved in the entire execution of this project, providing a digital solution that allows much more efficient document management, task management, and communication among all project stakeholders.

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Main uses of PlanRadar at Grupo Sima:

Defect and task management

Defect and task management

Task management and communication between the construction site and the office are much smoother thanks to PlanRadar

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Document management and report preparation

Document management and report preparation

With the PlanRadar platform, you can generate reports tailored to each client's needs.

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Project supervision

Project supervision

The project panel and other tool functions make project supervision and monitoring much easier.

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