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"Digitalisation – and not only in the construction industry – is inevitable nowadays. The demands for speed, quality and efficiency of information are constantly increasing, because this is matched by higher quality products or services."

Jakub Baňas,

Group Head of Fit-Out at HB Reavis

HB Reavis

HB Reavis, a multinational real estate company with 700+ employees, adopted digitalisation to enhance project efficiency, chose PlanRadar for its user-friendliness and comprehensive functionality. The platform streamlined communication, reduced paper documentation, and expedited issue resolution, resulting in a 15-20% boost in time efficiency. Ticket creation was 50% faster, with roughly 7,000 tickets per construction project and site visits became more frequent and efficient. PlanRadar proved especially effective in fit-out projects, demonstrating rapid positive outcomes on these shorter projects.

The road to digitalisation and the decision-making process – why PlanRadar?

“Digitalisation – and not only in the construction industry – is inevitable nowadays. The demands for speed, quality and efficiency of information are constantly increasing, because this is matched by higher quality products or services,” Jakub Baňas opens the topic and immediately gives a concrete example from the construction industry. With the number of daily tasks he has to deal with, it takes him some time to get to it. I see digitalisation as a way of speeding up the whole process. In addition, digitalisation makes it possible for people to react much more flexibly.” According to the HB Reavis project manager, it is all about streamlining communication and simplifying the myriad of daily routines.

PlanRadar as a solution for all

For this reason, HB Reavis has been looking for a solution for some time – from emails to social networks. However, they soon came to the conclusion that more practical tools are available today. “There are several similar products on the market. However, we were looking for a particular balance of functionality that could encompass everything our team needed between different levels of management. Plus, all team members need to be able to use the app – otherwise it doesn’t work. Working with the app simply has to be user-friendly,” Baňas explains, and continues, “We didn’t start with PlanRadar right away, but with a less sophisticated system, which was our intention – just like you don’t learn how to run a formula straight away. It wasn’t until it got a bit under people’s skin that we switched to PlanRadar. We find it sophisticated enough for senior management, but user-friendly for the average worker. Balance and good value for money won out.”

Benefits of PlanRadar from the perspective of HB Reavis

Jakub Baňas summarizes the biggest benefits as HB Reavis sees them:

Communication and cooperation

“I personally consider this point the most important of all – getting communication into one place where all information is available to site staff, project managers, investors and contractors. It will cover all levels. I see PlanRadar as a definite asset in this regard. Everything can be responded to quickly and efficiently.”

Reduction of paper documents

“In this respect, the benefit is also clear – it has reduced our paper documentation a lot. We are not yet in a situation where it is a 100% reduction – that may take some time. However, we are definitely moving towards that and PlanRadar is helping us significantly.”

Collision resolution

“It is inevitable that collisions arise on site, as projects are often huge in scale. But thanks to PlanRadar, we can react to them more quickly and flexibly: if an error is spotted early on, the information is available to everyone and the correction happens faster. This clearly saves us energy and time. It used to take, say, three days to get a problem resolved; today we can get to it sometimes within the same day. Overall, time efficiency has improved by about 15-20%.”

Slip creation 

“I see the actual recording and sharing of tickets as a key part, as it is the most common activity. It takes less than one minute to create a single ticket, which is at least a 50% speed up compared to previous systems. Roughly 7,000 tickets go out per construction project. For fit-outs, it always depends on the scope – about 1,000-2,000 slips in total.”

Site visits and inspections

“In terms of time spent on site, we have made procedural changes in this regard independently of PlanRadar: previously, project managers used to come for site inspections rather infrequently, it was mostly up to the construction managers. Today, on the other hand, they visit the construction site more often, as their direct contact with the construction site is proving useful. However, they use PlanRadar for this activity and the work is so fast and efficient. Everything works more flexibly because they see and record problematic issues on an ongoing basis.”

PlanRadar works great for fit-outs

“The effectiveness of PlanRadar works best for us on fit-out projects, which are quicker compared to construction – they take on the order of 4 to 8 months. These include the aforementioned IBM or German clients home24 and STRATO. We are managing several dozen of these projects and the positive results can be seen in a shorter time compared to building construction.”

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HB Reavis Group uses PlanRadar for the following tasks:

Site Inspections

Site Inspections

Collecting, evaluating, and reporting information provides efficiency and is a time saving benefit to site inspections, which otherwise would be a longer process.

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Digital Report Templates

Digital Report Templates

Creating digital reports using templates doesn't just ensure centralization of all documents, but also reduces an abundance of paper documents.

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Task Management

Task Management

With PlanRadar, communication between teams comes easy as all information and exchanges between stakeholders are on one platform.

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