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"Using PlanRadar, we were able to reduce the 30-day inspection process to just one week. We don't know exactly what it means from a financial point of view yet, but one thing is for sure: the software has saved us a lot of money, and the investment has more than paid for itself."

Laszlo Shuhai

Project Manager at TSPC Engineering

TSPC Reduced Inspection Times from One Month to One Week

How TSPC was able to save 4.5 times the number of hours

TSPC Group, a Hungarian architecture and engineering firm, needed an efficient solution for defect management and inspection tasks. After exploring various options, they adopted PlanRadar for a project involving the Györ-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway Works Center. With PlanRadar, they achieved a 25% reduction in time spent on defect management and an impressive 100% defect resolution rate. The process of compiling defect lists, previously taking 30 days, was reduced to just one week, leading to significant cost savings. Contractors appreciated the real-time information and improved communication. TSPC plans to extend the use of PlanRadar to monitor future projects, benefiting from its time-saving features.

The challenge: to increase the efficiency of management with technology

The TSPC Group was looking for a digital solution for inspection tasks. They reviewed the software available on the market for improving the efficiency of defect resolution and the speed of administration tasks. In the first half of the year, the company considered several options and finally opted for PlanRadar, a solution developed in Vienna. 

TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft, part of the TSPC Group, first used this software to provide full technical control during the construction of the Györ-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway Works Center (GySEV) near the town of Csorna. This is a new project with an area of several thousand square meters featuring workshops, warehouses, offices, conference rooms, and service facilities. 

In TSPC Engineering Ltd’s experience, the software can indeed be mastered at a basic user level in 20 minutes, but it takes a little longer to gain more in-depth knowledge. Device requirements are minimal, a suitable smartphone is sufficient, but PlanRadar also works well on tablets, laptops and personal computers. The company also considers it a great advantage that PlanRadar representatives provided the necessary training to work with the application and remained open to feedback on user experience, new needs and development proposals throughout, which laid the foundation for close cooperation in the future. 

The solution: PlanRadar for defect management

In the first project conducted with PlanRadar, the time taken to compile a list of construction defects as part of the technical acceptance procedure was reduced by 25% compared to the previous method. Communication between inspectors and contractors accelerated, and the efficiency of eliminating construction defects significantly increased, reaching almost 100%. 

Previously, the process was for the inspector to go to the site, record the defects, come back to the office, make a list of the defects and send it to the contractor, who would then proceed to rectify them. After the work was completed, the inspector returned to the site and, if he found any further defects, he gave instructions to eliminate those. “Using PlanRadar, we were able to reduce this 30-day inspection process to one week. “We don’t know exactly what it means from a financial point of view yet, but one thing is for sure: the software has saved us a lot of money, and the investment has more than paid for itself, said Laszlo Shuhai. 

The result: 4.5 times less time spent on inspections

The subcontractors hired for the project were initially nervous about using a digital solution, but soon realised the benefits. For example, the incoming real-time information in the software meant that they did not have to wait for a list of tasks from the inspectors – they immediately received information about any mistakes, changes or instructions. 

In order to avoid misunderstandaings, pins are simply placed exactly on the plan to mark defect locations and photos and videos allowed inspectors to specify exactly what and where should be fixed. Laszlo Shuhai noted that this also gave contractors a sense of security that they would not have to look for errors in the checklist. 

Following the positive experience gained during the first project, TSPC Group is going to use PlanRadar to monitor its other projects in the future, and in the longer term, it would like to use the potential of this solution in other areas, such as design, construction, maintenance and operation of completed buildings. A specific schedule has also been planned: the next projects where TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. will use PlanRadar for technical inspection are a swimming pool in Györ, a condominium building in Siofok on the shore of Lake Balaton, and in development projects in Turkey. 

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TSPC setzt PlanRadar für die folgenden Aufgaben ein

Technical audits and inspections

Technical audits and inspections

TSPC’s specialists use PlanRadar to create snag lists and compliance reports on-site and supplement them with notes, photos, videos, and voice recordings. All information is shared in real-time.

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Checklists and data collection

Checklists and data collection

With PlanRadar, it’s quick and easy to inspect sites for breakdowns and defects and to create full reports on site in just a few clicks, ready to export to the client. Subcontractors instantly receive data on defects and can corrected them swiftly.

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Efficient task management

Efficient task management

TSPC relies on PlanRadar for task management. Using the site plans, the task is precisely recorded where a defect needs to be fixed or additional work needs to be carried out. All work records and documents, reports and requests are stored in one place for all project participants.

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