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"It (PlanRadar) adapts itself perfectly to your usual workflow and can be used for that part of the work which requires automation support."

Ivica Sutalo

Head of Tourism Projects and Chief Supervision Engineer at VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o.

VIS PROJEKTIRANJE uses PlanRadar to monitor and control construction

With PlanRadar, VIS PROJEKTIRANJE saves from 7 to 8 hours per week

VIS PROJEKTIRANJE, a Croatian construction management company, adopted PlanRadar to solve their time-consuming manual defect documentation processes. The traditional pencil-and-paper approach was replaced with digitised workflows, custom report forms, and efficient project management. As a result, they now save up to 8 hours per week on site inspections and enhancing productivity. On top of that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform enabled remote work and facilitated work quality control. VIS PROJEKTIRANJE plans to continue using PlanRadar for construction supervision and project control, ensuring adaptability and competitiveness in the dynamic construction industry.

Problem: time-consuming and labour-consuming process of working with documentation

Ivica Sutalo described the established way of working in the construction industry and explained why it makes no sense in the 21st century. “We had a quality management system that had to be adapted to each project. We used to work in Excel, everyone visited construction sites or manually fixed defects and wrote comments. We spent a lot of time on this, especially when we had to inspect several sites. And in general, it seemed to us that it was our well-proven method of working.”

But VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o. team was not the only one which performed its daily work at the construction site with a pencil and paper – many Croatian companies used to work this way. This is why an individual software solution for construction is so important today.

Workflows that are no longer relevant in today’s rapidly changing world cost VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o. many working hours and resources, especially considering that the company is engaged in large-scale projects in the field of tourism: “Our process required a lot of time, especially when preparing hotel projects, because every part of a project had to be thoroughly checked. Previously, we had to work with several thousands pages of documentation. I had to study all these documents in detail – and it was a big problem.

Solution: complete digitization of the company’s usual methods and workflows with PlanRadar

“The last project we performed using our old methods was the Beach Hotel in Omis. After that, we started using PlanRadar and successfully use it today and, hopefully, we will always work with it in the future. We just transferred our workflows and working methods to PlanRadar – now they are simply digitized, I. Sutalo says.

VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o. team has completely managed to make the necessary report forms adopted for their tasks and edit projects in PlanRadar exactly as they need. Besides, today they have a complete overview of all construction projects in one, always in an accessible place.

VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o. professional team and its 4 engineers will continue to use PlanRadar in the future not just for construction supervision, but also for project control – an activity that investors have been appreciating and looking for in recent years. I. Sutalo: We upload the relevant revision of the project to PlanRadar, and while the architect is developing the design, we simultaneously review and evaluate the design and documentation. If we notice an error, we send back the comments to the architect directly via PlanRadar. So, all projects will be prepared as efficiently and accurately as possible within the budget thanks to such a digital process of interaction in a single digital environment.” He concludes  With PlanRadar, we can keep up with the growing and ever-changing construction industry. We would like to recommend it to our partners, investors and colleagues.”


Result: time savings of up to 8 working hours and optimized digital documentation

Critical situations are easier to overcome with digital tools. The decision to introduce PlanRadar into the business turned out to be wise and far-sighted during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus. I. Sutalo explained how, in an unexpected and difficult situation, you can continue working with smart use of the software: “When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we got through this period more easily with PlanRadar. The part connected to the work quality control on the construction site was carried out weekly on site and recorded in the tickets. It was a great support for video conferences and panoramic cameras which we usually use for additional surveillance on construction sites. We didn’t have to go to the construction site personally, instead our colleagues were able to send us full-fledged reports on the situation on site through PlanRadar, I. Sutalo says.

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VIS PROJEKTIRANJE verwendet für diese Aufgaben die Software PlanRadar

Construction site inspection

Construction site inspection

All defects and comments are recorded on the plans (audio, text, video) and sent to the responsible persons in real time.

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Digital documentation

Digital documentation

The responsible persons of VIS PROJEKTIRANJE carry out inspections of construction sites and make reports directly on site.

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Project management

Project management

With mobile devices, construction supervision can take place faster and communication between participants takes place in real time.

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