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"With PlanRadar, they have managed to save at least 3 hours of daily work. The application has made it much easier for them to stay updated and keep track of the real situation of their promotions, as well as the performance in incident resolution."

René Rafael González

Civil Engineer at White Investing

White Investing optimizes project management with PlanRadar

Saving at least 3 hours daily in pre-sale and after-sale incident management

White Investing was founded in 2015 with an innovative Business Model, which allows transforming a real estate project into a financial instrument. The model aims at managing capital on a real estate basis, minimising the risks that arise from real estate investment, and focusing on its financial variables.

They have more than 30 years of experience in real estate project management and development. They specialise in identifying highly profitable projects, offering advice, as well as promoting and commercialising projects in both the residential and hospitality sectors, including hotel assets and tourist apartments. Among their recent projects, Aldabra Residencial, Amaranta Residencial, Corinthia Residencial, and Scala Patraix II stand out.

White Investing is committed to innovation in real estate asset management and continuous pursuit of greater efficiency, which led them to implement PlanRadar, especially in the pre-sale and after-sale phases of various promotions.

Key project information from any device, all in one platform

According to René Rafael González, Civil Engineer at White Investing, thanks to PlanRadar, they have improved their pre-sale and after-sale incident management. Previously, they used other tools like Excel, which did not offer the options provided by PlanRadar, such as inserting images and videos within each incident or “ticket”.

Using PlanRadar, they can manage their online database from any device, whether it’s a mobile phone on-site or a computer in the office. All the information is recorded in a single platform, making management, analysis, and report generation much easier.

Custom report generation and easy, intuitive implementation.

Among PlanRadar’s main functions, White Investing highlights the generation of post-sale reports for each project, exporting ticket lists to Excel, and statistics graphs. Thanks to these functions, the application’s filters, and the creation of their own specific forms and lists for each promotion, detecting and resolving incidents has become much easier for them. According to René Rafael González: “These functions give us the ability to extract information that is easier for the industry professionals who deal with resolving the issues. For example, by filtering masonry incidents, a list of tasks that the bricklayer must attend to can be extracted, making their work easier.”

On the other hand, PlanRadar offers a local and personalised support service for each client, which has made the implementation much easier.

100% of their future projects managed with PlanRadar

White Investing assures that the tool has meant a great advance and time-saving in their project management, so they would like to continue using it in all their residential or tertiary projects in the long term.

For now, they have not been able to take advantage of other benefits such as free access to subcontractors and free observers or integration with other applications, but undoubtedly, these are options they may consider for their upcoming projects.


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White Investing uses PlanRadar to support these tasks

Incident management and resolution

Incident management and resolution

White Investing records all information about project incidents, attaching images and videos within each "ticket."

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Monitoring and statistics

Monitoring and statistics

By recording all information in a single platform, tracking each project becomes much easier.

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Custom report generation

Custom report generation

PlanRadar offers the option to download reports with just a few clicks, tailored to each project and company.

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