Chemgineering: Plan and visualize measures on plans and in 3D models

Easy planning and visualisation of actions on 2D plans and 3D models

How plant engineer Chemgineering maintains GMP-compliant plants with PlanRadar

Chemgineering Austria GmbH plans and builds GMP-compliant production plants for clients in the pharma, biotechnology, fine chemical, medical technology, cosmetics, diagnostics and food segments. The Swiss company’s slogan is Viable Solutions for Life Sciences, and its Austrian branch brings this to life by offering its customers high-quality services in the engineering and life science compliance sectors.

The company uses PlanRadar software for the maintenance and calibration of a plant built by Chemgineering Austria. 

Thanks to PlanRadar’s BIM viewer and plan comparison feature, we can efficiently visualize planned actions, changes made, and other information on plants and buildings.

Markus Greindl, Vienna site manager, Chemgineering Austria GmbH

The challenge

Markus Greindl is a site manager in Vienna and is responsible for budgeting and HR management. One of his key tasks is to ensure employee and customer satisfaction, taking into account both economic and ecological aspects.

Since production in the pharmaceutical environment or in food manufacturing is subject to strict regulations, plants must be planned and constructed in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The company’s employees have to deal with very complex processes, from design and implementation to regulatory acceptance and maintenance. “That’s why it’s important for us to be able to visualize facilities and buildings easily. For this purpose, we were looking for a tool for more efficient planning and visualization of processes,” explains Markus Greindl. 

The Solution

Chemgineering Austria uses PlanRadar software to map plants and all the measuring equipment that is installed within these plants and which needs to be maintained and calibrated every year. 

Markus Greindl explained the benefits of the software: “PlanRadar is a great help for planning recurring maintenance and calibrations.” Actions can be precisely located on plans or on 3D models and enriched with additional information in the form of text, images, videos or audio recordings. Users can call up all the data at any time, from anywhere, on mobile devices, so leaders always have a handy overview of all the information. 

The software’s ease of use is another positive. Users at Chemgineering Austria find PlanRadar to be very intuitive. The company also highlights PlanRadar’s customer support as very positive, offering users help and advice if they have any questions. 

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PlanRadar is a great help for planning recurring maintenance and calibrations.

Markus Greindl

The result

PlanRadar offers Chemgineering Austria employees extremely precise and transparent data collection. “Thanks to PlanRadar’s BIM viewer and plan comparison feature, we can efficiently visualize planned measures, changes that have been made and other information on plants and buildings,” says Markus Greindl. 

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The result

Chemgineering Austria GmbH uses PlanRadar software for these tasks:

Efficient visualisation with the plan comparison feature

The plan comparison function and automatic notifications mean that everyone involved with the project is always working with the latest versions of plans.

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Efficient visualisation with the plan comparison feature

Mobile photo and video documentation

Use a smartphone or a table to document actions on devices in the form of photos or videos.

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Mobile photo and video documentation

Planning recurring tasks

Recurring maintenance or calibration of equipment can be efficiently planned with PlanRadar.

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Planning recurring tasks

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