Digitise your Fire Safety with PlanRadar – eBook

Could it be time to consider going Digital on your Fire Safety?

The new Fire Safety regulations mean with the requirement for everyone to become Fire Safety compliant by October 2023 and how digital solutions can provide you with many benefits beyond compliance.

There are many benefits to going digital on Fire Safety. New technology tools, including digital construction apps and platforms, improve workflow and help to ensure that essential work has been carried out to the proper standards, thus improving fire safety.  

PlanRadar’s digital platform is easy-to-use, intuitive, efficient, can save you time and money and is capable of saving 7 hours per user.

Furthermore, PlanRadar’s platform enables you to weave a ‘golden thread of information’ through all your data. This means you can create a tamperproof audit trail, complete with photos and videos, ensuring a single source of truth and no information loss.

We have partnered with Global HSE, Britannia Acoustic and Fire, and Verus Group among others.

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