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Kody QR w budownictwie

13.12.2022 | 3 minuty czytania | Written by Johannes Heinrich

QR codes are appearing more readily in everywhere you look – you’ve probably seen those black and white boxes on advertisements, on tickets or at events. Many restaurants began placing them on tables for touch-free menus during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve used a QR code, you know how fast it is to scan and retrieve information, all on your smartphone.

And it is precisely these reasons that ensure that industries such as construction are increasingly using this technology. QR codes on construction sites have the potential to ensure that information is reliably available on the ground and misunderstandings can be prevented in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In this article, you will learn exactly how QR codes work, how and why they are used on construction sites, and much more.

QR Codes in Construction

How do QR codes work?

The way the QR code works is surprisingly simple – but this is precisely what makes the technology so popular and widely applicable. A piece of information can be converted into a QR code within the blink of an eye. Each QR code consists of black and white squares, which represent numeric codes.

These numbers are placed several times in different directions in the square code and can be read with the camera of a mobile device or with a particular app. QR codes can be graphically displayed anywhere, on screens, on signs, on advertisements, on documents and plenty more.

The Future of Construction Project Management

Download the full research paper here.

  • They are easy to use and do not require expensive machinery or in-depth know-how.
  • QR codes can be printed or sprayed on all surfaces.
  • Through mobile devices, information can be accessed by everyone present.
  • QR codes make it easy to keep information up to date without having to replace all the signboards on the entire construction site.

qr codes in construction - machinery

  • Retrieving tickets and logbooks.
  • Accessing general information boards.
  • Accessing specific documents.

QR codes in facility management

  • Data is more widely and easily available.
  • Work can be done more clearly and with greater operational reliability.
  • Misunderstandings or communication problems may be avoided more easily.
  • QR codes can be embedded in construction software such as PlanRadar.

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