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PlanRadar Platform-Update: New and enhanced functionalities!

01.05.2018 | 6 min read | Written by Simon

With the new update, the ticketing system is radically improved and new functions, as well as operating methods, are introduced. Various customer requests can now be found in the ticketing process. The result: PlanRadar becomes even more intuitive, informative and user-friendly. In this article, you will learn all about the improved navigation and other refreshing improvements.

The new functions of the ticket interface at a glance:

  1. Ahead of the competition – faster processing of multiple tickets thanks to the improved ticket interface (list- and plan view),
  2. the introduction of ticket hierarchies (parent and sub tickets),
  3. more clarity thanks to design improvements.

PlanRadar Webapp Update

1. Ahead of the competition – faster processing of multiple tickets thanks to the improved ticket interface (list- and plan view)

The already intuitively designed ticket interface gets even better: PlanRadar users can now operate the platform with fewer work steps and at the same time find an extended scope of functionality. You still have two different options for viewing tickets: you can choose between the list view and the plan view. Tickets can be filtered and sorted arbitrarily and independently of the view.

1.1. The new list view

PlanRadar Webapp List View on Laptop

With the new update, you can edit important ticket details directly in the ticket interface (list or plan view) without having to switch to the detailed view. This gives you the ability to edit the status, priority, author and progress of a ticket without having to open it. To do so, just click on status, priority, author or progress and determine the new ticket status over the dropdown menu or the progress bar.

Together with the option to select and edit multiple tickets at the same time, you can handle the flood of tickets even faster and easier now. So that, even when confronted with a large amount of tickets to be processed, you can always keep track.

1.2. The new Plan View

PlanRadar Webapp Plan View

The plan view gives you a quick overview of the locations of your defects using geographic pins. Just like in the list view, you can select and filter tickets, levels and floors, and search for specific terms. In addition, you can also change the ticket status (status, project progress, priority and author) directly in the plan view. By clicking on a ticket, a window within the plan view will appear. There you can directly make your changes without changing to the detail view.

2. The introduction of ticket hierarchies (parent and sub tickets)

PlanRadar Ticket Detailed View

With the introduction of ticket hierarchies (parent and sub tickets), we have incorporated customer requests directly into further developments. In the future, it will now be possible to allocate several sub tickets to a major defect (parent ticket). This new feature will make the ticketing process much easier for you, especially if you want to keep track of the common cause for several defects. Quite often, a defect causes several consequential defects. With the new function, the connection of several defects can be documented and shown to the responsible person in a comprehensible way.

Example: A leaky facade cladding leads to water damage, which requires a sequence of several trades to repair the damage.

Here, ticket hierarchies help you document shortcomings more accurately and easily by allowing the ticket creator to divide tickets into smaller sub tickets. Sub tickets can simultaneously be processed by different contractors in a subsequent manner.

3. More clarity thanks to design improvements

In addition to the placement of the navigation bar to the left column, further design measures have been implemented to improve the overview.

3.1. Color categorization of your tickets

Tickets are now automatically categorized for clarity: red stands for “ticket open”, blue for “ticket in progress”, green for “ticket completed”, yellow for “feedback required” and black for “ticket closed”.

3.2. Clearer presentation of the plan view

The plan view can quickly overload with a flood of tickets and a large number of pins. To ensure that the view is always clear, the upcoming update will automatically combine multiple pins when zooming out.

3.3. Better traceability in the detail view

PlanRadar Ticket Hierarchie

Ticket details still contain all relevant information. As proactive claim-management is practiced more and more in the construction and real estate industry, more value should be attached on a clear presentation of information in addition to the evidence-proof documentation. For example, you will soon find your communication history in the order of a chat. As a result, information is presented in a clearer, more comprehensible and up-to-date manner.

We say thank you!

At this point we would like to thank all PlanRadar users for the numerous and valuable feedback! We not only take your feedback to heart, but also focus on implementing relevant suggestions and wishes.

If you have not yet used all the (ticket) features, we advise you to discover PlanRadar’s full scope! If you already successfully use the full functionality in everyday life, this update will make your work much easier. We believe these key enhancements will help you save more time, stay more organized and continue to work even more professionally.

Are you excited about all these new features? Then let us know which features you would like to see in the future and send us an e-mail! Our sales team is also looking forward to hearing from you – as usual, you are welcome to submit your callback request by e-mail or by phone.

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