UK hospitality industry growth analysis for 2019

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The hospitality industry is, at its core, an industry that caters to the guests´ needs in order to achieve a return on investment for its shareholders. This industry includes several kinds of constructs as hotels, restaurants or any recreational facility. Most of these buildings service an intangible product by providing a welcoming environment for the guests all the time. An industry that is growing at a rapid pace along with the increased demand for having such services everywhere. The UK hospitality sector has reached more than 100 Billion Euros in 2018 with expectations of more to reach in 2019 despite the Brexit consequences and staff shortages. The number of hosting and food services facilities has grown nearly 20% in the last five years providing more than 330,000 working opportunities.

uk hospitality industry graph
Source: aryxe /hotel-industry-uk

Project management works on reshaping this industry nowadays by stating the main services every facility should provide such as comfort, entertainment, experience, identity, and protection. The project management planning main objective is to organize for the project usage, type and quality of construction and to put a long-run scheduled maintenance plan. In most of the cases constructing a recreational resort or hotel is never a simple project. It consists of complex layers of tasks that accumulate to form the final output of the building. That’s why construction firms started to be oriented towards using advanced programs and defect tracking software in their projects. An example is the Quartier Belvedere Central project in Austria, where the constructing firm chose to work with PlanRadar in this composite project. The building is a mixed-use type with 6 different uses including hotels and recreational spaces. The software made a noticeable effect on minimizing the project costs and eliminating the chance of any delays. We think that the future of the hospitality construction sector lies in the hands of the technology market. And this is the main reason you need to cope up with the flow and implement a construction management software that enhances your future projects.

The key factors for having the perfect-serviced recreational facility

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The main objectives of the hospitality industry lie on three levels. First, is to make the guests feel welcomed personally which requires a friendly manner and atmosphere in the facility. Second, is to make all the services work for this guest. A client in this industry is coming to find everything clean and working. This requires having a continuous maintenance and monitoring plan. Finally, the last step is to make sure that this facility will preserve the same level of quality with the same budget.

The hospitality industry is a diverse sector of work. When you establish a hotel or restaurant you are not doing it for a special gender, color, socioeconomic class or nationality. You have to know that the hospitality industry reaches every corner of the globe. To have a lucrative building you need to keep on an international level of quality for all the standards.

Last but not least, if we take a closer look on the main factors that influence the hospitality sector, we will find out that the industry complexity covers a wide range of services, jobs, location and activities. Each of these branches has its own influencing factors but in general, whoever is working in this industry needs to focus on two kinds of factors, internal and external as follows:

Internal factors:

  •  Management of the facility.
  •  Working labor.
  •  Location and accessibility.
  •  Type of services provided.

External factors:

  •  Environmental factors.
  •  Technological factors.
  •  Social factors.
  •  Economic factors.
  •  Political factors.

This shows how constructing such buildings is a very composite process with multiple sprawling ends. To manage this operation, you need to adopt new developed technological tools in your work that helps you to perform your tasks smoothly. Keep updated with the recent trends and go with the flow so you can book your place in the front seats of this sector.

Top 3 trends for designing an impeccable hotel

As for all the construction industry sectors, every field is trying to follow up the new trends to keep updated. The hotels and recreation construction facilities are going in the same way with these top 3 trends, so they can cope up with the current topics which are raised nowadays.

Sustainability approach

Going green in all the industries has become an essential demand to protect our planet from the expected natural disasters. Besides the main objective of saving the environment guests also are looking forward to living a new experience of minimalism and purity during their stay. This experience gives them a feeling of change on the contrary to the ordinary type of hotels. In response to this, the hotel industry started to take the same direction by offering improved water and energy conservation services. Hotels now also install specially designed rooms and ventilating systems that are all working through advanced sensors controllers.

Hotel and more

The mixed-use trend now is going on fire. Hotels are mostly accompanied by entertainment revenues, malls, housing and even office spaces. The traditional kind of hotels is replaced now to give the guest a feeling of a whole city in the same place. This connects the hotel with larger business and investment.

Going back to the history

Renovating a historic building to use it as a hotel is a bridge between the past and future feelings. You can now mix between new modern designs indoor while preserving the authentic skin and style of an old historical building outside. Instead of recreating these old facilities like museums and cultural center such buildings are now oriented to provide a one of a kind experiences to their guests.

Overall, this hospitality industry analysis is promising a better future in the whole sector. A little bit of installing these previously mentioned factors, in parallel with using technology developed tools, and you can join the market with your new project!