Life Safety Express (LSE) specializes in life safety consulting for healthcare facilities, offering tailored, cost-effective solutions through remote reviews, on-site audits, and life safety drawing development. Their team ensures compliance with the 2012 Life Safety Code, which is essential for healthcare organizations receiving Medicare and Medicaid funds. Catering specifically to healthcare facilities, LSE audits and advises on regulatory compliance, ensuring buildings meet safety standards and federal mandates.

In the dynamic field of healthcare compliance, swift action and timely communication are paramount. LSE recognized the need for a sophisticated yet user-friendly mobile platform capable of generating instant reports on non-compliance issues as they arise, which will bring even more efficiency and speed to how LSE’s healthcare clients can quickly address and rectify any safety concerns. The challenge, though, was finding a software solution that met those demands while delivering results immediately.

After extensive research, LSE identified PlanRadar as the ideal technology partner. PlanRadar’s system demonstrated remarkable versatility and speed, enabling LSE staff to work quickly and carefully across a range of key tasks: Life Safety Assessments, Door/Damper Inspections, and more.

“We’re not just in the business to ensure compliance; we’re here to guarantee safety. With PlanRadar, we can perform real-time reporting and trigger immediate action on life safety issues in healthcare facilities. This isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s about saving lives.”

PlanRadar’s software allows observations to be meticulously documented on custom forms, pinpointing the exact location of each one. Meanwhile, the streamlined integration of rich data — images, voice recordings, and documents — enables comprehensive information capture.

Another distinguishing feature of PlanRadar is the ability to instantly export survey results into predefined report formats, then email them to clients directly from a mobile device. This intuitive, real-time process significantly shortens the reporting timeline, enhancing coordination between LSE and its contractors, and boosting overall client satisfaction. Better yet, PlanRadar’s platform enables the seamless assignment of corrective actions to responsible parties. This functionality extends to third-party access, allowing for efficient issue resolution, documentation, and status updates, at no extra cost.

All in all, the integration of PlanRadar has greatly improved LSE’s service delivery, ensuring customer needs are met with clear and digestible information delivered more quickly than ever before. By doing so, LSE upholds its commitment to client communication and safety adherence goals, thereby reinforcing its position as a reliable and proactive partner in healthcare compliance.