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"PlanRadar helps us to record and process the defects that we find. The platform also helps with document handovers."

Torsten Meiler,

Head of Construction and Planning Department at BioMarkt Verbund

Obst und Gemuese Denns

PlanRadar is helping to streamline processes

How the BioMarkt association is saving time and money with digitalised defect management

The BioMarkt association is an alliance of around 520 independent organic stores and Denns organic stores from Germany and Austria which operate under the shared “BioMarkt” umbrella brand. Founded in 2020, the association’s aim is to set the organic markets up for the future while preserving their individuality and diversity.

The BioMarkt association is the latest form of the group of associated organic stores founded by dennree in 2008, and builds on partnerships that have developed over many years. A shared group identity and a common basic range which can be tailored to individual and regional specialities will bring the members of the association together.

The BioMarkt association undertakes projects in retaillogistics and commercial property, where it has been successfully and profitably using the PlanRadar digital platform.

Denns Biomarkt Eingang

PlanRadar as a digital tool for creating reports

Torsten Meiler manages the construction and planning department at the BioMarkt association and has been relying on PlanRadar to plan and build new stores and commercial properties since April 2021. The software simplifies project management in particular. The platform is specifically used to manage defect management and correction, and for site diaries, inspections, checklists, safety audits, handovers and claims management. Since it was introduced, the platform has supported the association to record work steps and to more easily and efficiently create and process documentation and records for more than 120 projects.

Before PlanRadar was used, these work steps were done offline. The company got started with PlanRadar without a test phase. Employees learned how to optimally use the software in training sessions and the platform quickly became an indispensable project management tool.

Improved communication, error prevention and cost savings

PlanRadar saves timeprevents errors and simplifies communication.

At the BioMarkt association, users save between 4 to 8 hours per documentation task.
With PlanRadar, large plans, cameras or notebooks are no longer required and resources are conserved, through reduced paper consumption, for example.

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PlanRadar is used by the Biomarkt association to streamline project documentation, defect recording and task management. It is very cost effective.

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Defect recording

Defect recording

Using PlanRadar makes it is easy to record and communicate defects — with all the important information — and to track them in real time.

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Task management

Task management

By deploying PlanRadar, the BioMarkt association can record and assign tasks more efficiently and everything is quick, easy to understand and traceable.

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