Customer Story

"We are very pleased with PlanRadar, a tool that has helped us save at least 3 hours of work per week, amounting to over €600 per month."

Vicente Pérez Tena,

Director of Operations at Edify

More efficient construction management with a single platform

How the Edify construction platform has saved time and money with PlanRadar

Edify is the ideal platform for buying, refurbishing, and funding construction projects. They assist clients from project design and funding search to project execution and defect management. A great help for clients looking to create their dream homes and real estate investors seeking the best returns. However, the execution of projects and their final review always involved a significant investment of time and money. Thanks to PlanRadar’s software, they have improved their efficiency even further.

Goals: Improve communication, costs, and accuracy

Before using PlanRadar, Edify’s workflow for construction control and incident management was more costly, involving up to 3 different tools. This resulted in a greater investment of time and money and a possibility of loss of accuracy in the information provided for each project and in report generation.

The solution: A software that gathers all information in a single tool, with up-to-date and understandable information

Thanks to PlanRadar, the Edify team has benefited from simplifying the project and supplier management process, having all incidents compiled in one place with direct interaction between providers of different services. Additionally, the ease of generating reports has greatly expedited the correction process in pre-delivery phases. Furthermore, changing their work method has not been a problem when transferring existing procedures to the PlanRadar platform. As their Director of Operations states: “We have been able to perfectly transfer the entire process flow we used for construction control and incident management prior to using PlanRadar, which allowed us to eliminate parallel tools we used until then and replace them with a complete workflow within PlanRadar.”

Main benefits of Edify with PlanRadar:

  • Reduction of work, more than 3 hours weekly
  • Cost savings, estimated at €600 monthly
  • Increase in active projects quota per Project Manager from 8 to 9.
  • Improved flow of information, more interactive, updated, and understandable

Currently, Edify continues to bet on the use of PlanRadar in its construction management department, streamlining all processes and serving for a more appropriate measurement of its objectives and the team’s performance in construction management.

Access to third parties on the platform, improved collaboration, and PlanRadar support

Edify’s Director of Operations, Vicente Pérez Tena, points out that free access for third parties to the PlanRadar platform has been another key aspect“Given Edify’s operational model, in which we work with external construction companies, the possibility for those companies to report progress on incidents without cost for Edify has been a key factor in the platform gaining traction.” The platform has also improved collaboration, offering internal visibility on project status, enhancing communication with suppliers, simplifying incident communication and resolution for clients, and enabling evaluation of team members’ performance at Edify. In addition to providing the platform, PlanRadar has provided the team with advice and guidance on the implementation of all PlanRadar functionalities so that all Edify users understand its operation and can use it as quickly as possible.

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Main uses of PlanRadar at Edify:

Direct management of incidents during construction

Direct management of incidents during construction

Thanks to the platform's use, Edify has been able to better control project progress through much smoother communication.

Construction Management
Document management and team communication

Document management and team communication

A significant advantage of using PlanRadar at Edify is the ability to group all construction documents and plans in a single platform. They are updated at all times for each stakeholder.

Document Management
Report generation

Report generation

By gathering all the information in one place, it is much easier to analyse real-time progress and data. PlanRadar also offers the option to track all project updates through control panels and report generation.

Project analysis & insights

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