The U.S. team is excited to cap off Q3 by attending the widely-acclaimed IFMA’s World Workplace –– this year, in beautiful Denver, Colorado. The event serves as an avenue to discuss, discover, and dissect the latest trends in facility management. It isn’t merely an event; it’s a knowledge-sharing platform where leaders, innovators, and experts converge to chart the course for the industry’s future.

Key Trends in Digital Facility Management

Having worked with over 120,000 users across 75+ countries to help digitize their buildings operations, our team at PlanRadar has some key insights about on what’s buzzing in the world of digital facility management. 

1. Embracing IoT and Smart Solutions: Gone are days of manual and reactive management. The integration of IoT devices and smart building solutions has become quintessential. These tools provide facility managers with real-time monitoring capabilities, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and the overall occupant experience.

2. Prioritizing Occupant Well-being: Modern facility management emphasizes user experience. Implementations such as smart HVAC systems cater to individual preferences, enhancing comfort levels and productivity. Post-COVID, health and safety technologies like touchless access controls have become paramount, underscoring the industry’s agility in response to global shifts. 

3. Data-Driven Decisions and Analytics: Big data’s influence is profound. Analytics empowers managers with insights, allowing them to make strategic decisions optimizing operations and resource allocation. Monitoring key performance indicators, like energy consumption metrics, enables continuous improvement.

4. Leveraging Digital Platforms and Integration: Cloud-based solutions are revolutionizing facility management, offering managers flexible, real-time monitoring capabilities. Integrating systems, from lighting to security, has resulted in harmonized building operations, fostering optimal energy consumption and increased comfort levels. 

How PlanRadar is Revolutionizing Facility Management 

At its core, our technology promises seamless collaboration by uniting everyone on a single platform, streamlining interactions with both teams and external vendors. PlanRadar champions accessibility, enabling managers to tap into real-time property updates anytime, anywhere. Simplifying both corrective and preventative maintenance, PlanRadar efficiently automates tasks, leaving a transparent audit trail, making it a boon for retail managers aiming to cut down operational costs. 

PlanRadar’s integration with BIM models brings in-depth accuracy into workflows. Our software stands as a centralized hub, offering remote access, streamlined maintenance, and quick documentation processes. From crafting pre-defined checklists to coordinating maintenance and visually documenting details, PlanRadar is a comprehensive solution for modern facility management needs.

Join us during the IFMA World Workplace 2023 and visit our booth #843. See you there!