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Construction field app connecting people

What efforts have we made to optimize communication between project participants in the construction industry, to accelerate processes and to support all planners involved? The trend towards digitization has now slowly arrived, one can say,… Read more

Estimating software: a new era in construction

Not so long ago, estimations and cost calculations for construction projects were done manually. Today estimating software is increasingly popular. It’s always been important to calculate project costs transparently, especially when you later want to… Read more

Blueprint software – Your full 2018 guide

With recent technological breakthroughs and the demands of going green and limiting paper usage, printed construction drawings have been replaced with blueprint software. This kind of software doesn’t only improve efficiency and accuracy on site… Read more

The construction plan, a genesis

The road to a good construction plan, which forms the basis for the implementation of an objective, is a great challenge for its designer. Before every construction site there is the question of a solution… Read more

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