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"Using PlanRadar, we were able to develop a simple and standardised communication flow across the company to benefit us and our clients."

Felix Brand

Project Manager at AFC Air Flow Consulting

Efficient Processes with Project Documentation Software

How Swiss engineering consultancy AFC Air Flow Consulting AG efficiently supports over 100 projects with PlanRadar

With over 20 years of engineering consultancy experience, AFC Air Flow Consulting came to PlanRadar to revolutionise their project coordination and documentation processes.

Using PlanRadar, they have left behind what was a time-consuming and inefficient paper-based system and seen an improvement in project coordination, streamlined documentation, and a significant reduction in paperwork. They firmly believe that PlanRadar has played a pivotal role in enhancing their efficiency.

The problem: analogue project coordination and project documentation is very time-consuming

As a project manager, Felix Brand comes into contact with many employees, clients and subcontractors daily. In his project supervision work, he is responsible for overall coordination, clarifying issues with authorities, inspections and concept creation. Felix Brand designs and implements solutions for large projects such as shopping centres, trade and logistics properties and whole airport sites.

His work starts with planning and covers everything from the construction phase to regular inspections and certifications as part of repair work in completed buildings. Each project has different requirements, starting situations and clients and it is rare that the specific work processes of one project are found in another one. So, how are all the steps brought together in projects the size of an airport or shopping centre? What is the most efficient way to communicate with the relevant workers?


The solution: PlanRadar’s project documentation software provides an overview of every project phase

Since AFC Air Flow Consulting was founded, the engineers have always kept up to date to ensure their own cost-efficiency but also to be able to offer clients appropriate and sustainable solutions. In 2016, they started looking for a tool to optimally supplement their existing resources – one that was quick to implement and, above all, that met fire safety requirements.

The consultancy compared different project documentation software packages and the favourite was unanimous: PlanRadar. Felix brand explained their choice: “What was key for the decision was that PlanRadar does not only cover a specific phase but also supports the whole life cycle of a property”The project documentation software now supports processes from the planning stage to maintenance and repair after developments are complete. Not only were the management team involved in the search process but also the various project managers who will use the application on site.

PlanRadar has been used across the company for new projects since 2017, on a total of over 100 properties. It was the individual approach of the software that ultimately convinced Felix Brand. After it was introduced by the PlanRadar sales team, the support team helped the consultancy to make tailored adjustments to the respective projects in the software in next to no time. The specific phases in which the software is employed depend on the project, but AFC generally starts working with PlanRadar from the design phase onwards and then ramps up its use for regular defect recording and quality control.

By meticulously recording conditions without any delay, reports and logs required for further processing or to be sent to clients can be produced within minutes. This represents huge time savings for the project manager. Using PlanRadar has freed up hours of work that he previously spent on inspections, meaning he can now devote around a third of his time to the next project. Before PlanRadar, project managers often used their own systems to create reports after an inspection, employing everything from the classic option, Microsoft Word, to Excel tables and OneNote. There was no standardised system or corresponding filing. “Since PlanRadar was introduced, all reports are created using the same template,” said Felix Brand. What’s more, reliably recording defects with PlanRadar has already served the company well in the course of warranty claims from clients.

The result: time savings of 1/3 thanks to report creation in minutes

In addition to benefiting from complete documentation of all events in the form of audio and image recordings and saved text, the AFC project teams also enjoy substantial time savings. Time-consuming follow-up is no longer necessary. All the people involved are informed of issues without any delay so it is easier than ever before to react quickly. PlanRadar has also proven to be the perfect tool for internal communication and sharing experiences or sample projects.

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AFC Air Flow Consulting uses PlanRadar project documentation software for these tasks:

Report creation in minutes

Report creation in minutes

AFC Air Flow Consulting brings all the data recorded with PlanRadar together in complete reports with just one tap. Freely customise the look and feel of the reports before exporting as PDF files in no time.

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Efficient defect management

Efficient defect management

The company logs defects and other issues with mobile devices directly on site and records them together with notes, videos, pictures, audio recordings and documents on digital plans and 3D models.

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Efficient project communication

Efficient project communication

All data recorded with PlanRadar is shared with other project workers in real time. So all team members and contractors always have the latest information, making transparent communication possible.

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