Customer Story

"By using PlanRadar, we streamlined and accelerated defect management processes, allowing us to complete tasks sooner than expected. What helped us the most was the defect management and reporting function, which greatly facilitated our work during the technical handover process."

Horváth István,

Site Engineer, KIBBAU’77 Ltd

KIBBAU’77 Kft. streamlined and accelerated defect management processes.

About KIBBAU’77 Kft.:

The engineering firm, established in 2007 and based in Kalocsa, provides a wide range of engineering services to meet the needs of its customers. The company dealing with large-scale industrial facilities is mainly engaged in technical inspection, research and development, design and execution of construction projects. The company’s work includes the expansion and interior remodeling of the Penny Market logistics centre in Karcag.

two construction profesionals in construction site with checklist

The challenge

KIBBAU’77 Kft. started looking for software due to a specific customer requirement, as the customer expected that the project’s technical compliance, control of the installed materials and quality control would be managed by a software solution, thus providing possible traceability and transparency for the customer. To achieve this, they examined software available on the international and Hungarian markets, and finally decided to use PlanRadar because of its ease-of-use and availability of Hungarian language. Some of their outstanding projects include the expansion and interior remodeling of the Penny Market logistics centre in Karcag, which was completed in two construction phases, starting in January 2021 and completed in October 2022.

The experiences

The expansion of the Penny Market logistics centre was the first project to use PlanRadar, and the software was implemented during the execution phase to ensure faster communication and transparency for all parties involved. By using the software for the project, all the technical inspectors, customers, representatives, contractors and their subcontractors, as well as the general designer, were able to communicate clearly and track processes in one platform, thus managing tickets in a simple and quick way and reducing response times. These processes used to be communicated by email and Excel, which was neither transparent nor targeted for the parties as regards defect management.

The Result

After the introduction of PlanRadar, thanks to the targeted real-time information flow, there were no questions about who, when and where the defect was discovered during ticketing, as it became fully traceable on the platform. Due to  position specification and photo documentation, they were able to identify exactly where, when and what type of defect occurred, and assign it to the relevant person. The particular ticket was immediately forwarded to the person responsible, who received a notification as well and could start the work, thus response time was accelerated and made the work to be completed earlier than expected. During site inspections the company considered it a great advantage to be able to compare the accepted design with the on-site reality at critical locations, such as industrial gates and to document the comments and desired changes within the software by marking them on the plan with photos, descriptions and attachments. The software’s ticketing and reporting function provided a great help in the technical handover process.

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KIBBAU'77 Kft. uses PlanRadar for the following tasks:

Defect management

Defect management

During site visits and inspections, the company uses mobile devices to record defects and other problems on site. All data is connected so up-to-date information can be seen and found at a glance.

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Simple photo recording

Simple photo recording

PlanRadar enables employees to attach photos to tickets on digital plans. All uploaded photos can be used in ready-made reports at the touch of a button.

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Create comprehensive reports for project participants at the touch of a button. All data, including photos and plans, are automatically integrated and exported to PDF.

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