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"It makes it easier for us to record defects during implementation. Applying PlanRadar to the project has made it easier for us to record and distribute defects both at the level of us and the investor and at the level of us and our contractors."

Jan Krákora,

Construction Manager at Metrostav

How the biggest Czech construction company discovered a productive and fast workflow with PlanRadar

Metrostav is a universal construction company that leads the Metrostav a.s. Group concern operating not only in the Czech market, but also in several other European countries including Slovakia and a presence that is increasing in the Nordic countries, Germany and North America. Metrostav executes demanding and interesting builds in different areas ranging from transport and underground to civil, industrial, water, energy and environmental construction projects. Ranked among the top three in the ‘Construction of the Year’ competition in Norway, Metrostav was awarded for its success on the Åstfjordbrua bridge.  

Taking advantage of a digital solution

Metrostav is currenty working on the reconstruction of many bridges in Prague alongside the Industrial Palace, the InterContinental Hotel, the Clam-Gallas Palace and the Old Town Dam. Due to the diverse and extensive projects they are involved in, they discovered the advantages of eliminating unnecessary paperwork by using our platform.

After experiencing other solutions, Metrostav decided to settle for PlanRadar due to the user-friendly environment within the application itself. Having helpful features and being intuitive and easy to manage, PlanRadar facilitates its use even for people who are less proficient with newer technologies.

After a short time, they started working with PlanRadar on site and found it a great help when it came to recording defects, documenting inspections in the residential units and for generating inspection sheets. “After the initial setup, creation of forms and uploading of documentation, the app has taken on a life of its own, quite unattended!”

How PlanRadar has changed the way Metrostav operates

PlanRadar has been a considerable help when it comes to conducting and implementing projects more efficiently and it has reduced the time it takes to transmit information, confirmation of testing and build details before being sent off to the investor. Furthermore, the Metrostav team profits from having a rich overview to hand which contains all their notes, reminders and snags. Metrostav is proud to work with a company that is “constantly moving forward and developing new technologies that not only enrich the construction industry as a whole, but also reduce the impact on the environment.”

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Metrostav uses PlanRadar to support these processes

Document management and team-wide communication

Document management and team-wide communication

Metrostav saves time and is more organised by using a paperless, digital system. Being able to access all the information from every project within seconds gives clearcut insight for all in the team.

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Optimised defect management processes

Optimised defect management processes

With PlanRadar’s rich suite of tools to document shortcomings, Metrostav increased their productivity during the implementation process. Assigning individual defects to the responsible people within the app is much more helpful, practical and environmental than having lists written on paper.

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Building site inspections for improved quality

Building site inspections for improved quality

PlanRadar’s features allow Metrostav to record inspections in the residential units, which of course promotes easier and hassle-free implementation of the project. They create inspection sheets with the builder’s technical supervisor where they e.g., check individual phases of the contact insulation system or roof compositions.

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