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"With PlanRadar, we are saving 30 to 40 percent of the time previously spent on project communication before using the software. With PlanRadar, reporting is much faster."

Philip Banowetz

Director and Chief Engineer at Primum ing

Primum ing saves 30 to 40% of working time with PlanRadar

How Primum ing solves their tasks with PlanRadar

Primum ing, a civil construction project management company, adopted PlanRadar to address issues stemming from uncoordinated email communication.. With six specialists on the team, they swiftly implemented PlanRadar, finding it invaluable for pre-construction stages, design, procurement documentation, inspections, and site management.

PlanRadar allowed them to categorise tasks, monitor updates in real-time, and ensure clear communication among all project participants. This transition from email communication to PlanRadar helped Primum ing save up to 40% of the time spent on project communication and archiving processes became 70% more efficient.

Problem: faults due to uncoordinated e-mail communication

Primum ing decided to use PlanRadar to reduce the frequency of faults that have always existed during e-mail correspondence. In the case of mass mailing of information (6-10 addressees) with a large number of participants involved in the process, it is easy to lose important facts and data in the process.

As projects are time-consuming, it was necessary to solve the problem of interacting effectively with the large number of people involved in the process, minimising errors.

The Primum ing team consists of six specialists, three of whom are certified civil engineers. PlanRadar was first seen in action on a construction site. Its functionality showed that the software would be useful in the preparatory stages of a project — even before the building permit is obtained, as well as at the stages of design and procurement documentation, for all services and revenues, in order to modernise the daily routine of inspections and management of a construction site, to get rid of huge amounts of emails.

Solution: PlanRadar automates processes

Primum implemented PlanRadar in less than one working day. From the first days, they used this software for a real project for management tasks. Mr. Banowetz comments: “It was a time when people didn’t want to use a computer to design. However, whether you want it or not, technology is moving forward, and we have to match the trends of the time. PlanRadar provides an excellent repository for all construction project data, and updates are recorded in real-time and continuously, not just at the end of the project.

Tasks can be grouped by categories, for example, mechanical, electrical, or construction problems. In real time, you know exactly everything about a particular problem — what has been written or said and by whom, how much time has passed since the problem occurred, and what solution has been found.

The main problems of communication by e-mail: someone may not receive email at all, someone does not read it or does not understand, or does not respond to everyone, but only to one e-mail address. With PlanRadar, this problem has now been solved: the application is the best platform for effective communication with any number of participants.”

The result: saving time and increasing productivity

The use of PlanRadar at the pre-construction stage and the introduction of PlanRadar as a mandatory tool to coordinate all project participants helped Primum ing save up to 40% of the time that was usually spent on project communication.

Primum ing experience shows that everybody who started using this software based on their recommendation — various contractors, designers and supervisors — perceived PlanRadar as a better solution for project communication in construction than the usual exchange of emails. The endless routine process has been replaced by well-arranged and clear communication using PlanRadar. This software combines the functions of many devices in one mobile phone.

According to Mr. Banowetz, when it comes to archiving, they save 70% of their time which is extremely important for them, because they consider archiving a project as an important part of their work. Advantages: “The main advantages of PlanRadar are simplification of work, reporting and archiving of information. This application saves time, simplifies communication, and archives data much more efficiently.”

Primum team is confident about the high quality of PlanRadar software for documentation and interaction using it as part of the contractual obligations for the projects they conduct to ensure a modern way of management.

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Primum ing uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Documentation Management

Documentation Management

Project reports and task reports can be created in a few clicks providing full control of the information. All data is immediately at hand from any device.

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Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision

PlanRadar automates supervision tasks: with its functionality, it is easy to monitor all projects and control all participants, quickly responding to problems.

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Task Management

Task Management

With PlanRadar, the company's employees simply and effectively manage the project tasks, ensuring quick decision-making and continuous and efficient work without downtime.

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