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EXPO REAL 2019 – Your golden arch to the real estate market

02.10.2019 | 5 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek


EXPO REAL is the biggest European exhibition for real estate and investment technologies. The trade fair takes you on a tour through the full project trip starting from the conceptualization phase passing by designing, planning, financing to the marketing and selling phase. In general, attending real estate industry events have key benefits for every participant in the market, however, Expo Real offers a huge profit for the business to business (B2B) sector in particular. It brings you a great opportunity for networking, sharing technology updates and allows you to catch up with golden deals. In the year 2018 the fair included 2,095 exhibitors from 41 different countries with a total of 45,058 participants and more than 500 experts in the conference program from different backgrounds.


Christophe Tromelin, Investor Relations Director in Vinci Immobilier – France commented on the expo saying “EXPO REAL is relevant to me as the European world of real estate investment meets up here at the same place, at the same time. This helps me to understand the future of the European real estate investment market and its different sensibilities regarding economic and political perspectives. Also, important, as well as meeting international investors, is that the discussions here make the future more real.” Last year participants’ aims of networking, market orientation and establishing their own business were achieved with more than 85% customer satisfaction ratio. If you are still in doubt if you should attend or not, we say yes and here is the basic info you should know to go:

  • Date: October 7-9, 2019
  • Place: Messe 81823 München- Germany
  • Ticket price: 605 €



Hot topics to be discussed in EXPO REAL 2019

Nova 3: A new futuristic kind of exhibition will be at your hands at A3 hall. The participants of this exhibition are all curious about digital transformation and will present their new innovations in the industry guiding you in a tour of how the future of real estate industry will be.

Retail: At the grand plaza will be Europe’s biggest trade fair for property investment. Retailers and investors will be waiting for you to show you when and where should be your next investment in the commercial property sector.

Hotel: Hotel industry owns a share of 1.9 billion euros in Germany only. This part of the expo will present the situation of the hotel property sector and display the latest developments in the industry. EXPO REAL organizes the best chance for meeting the industry stakeholders and brainstorm your investment vision.

Logistics: Logistics real estate industry is the third powerful asset in the commercial real estate market. The expo will display the main pivotal factors that contributed to the extreme success giving a chance for participants to give a closer look at the sector and learn from previous experimented experience.

Intelligent urbanization: Megacities and metropolitan ones are taking over the urbanization image recently. In this phase urban designers started to be directed to the intelligent urbanization concept aiming to find out how to go for a resource efficiency strategy and how to support the well being and quality of life for a city resident. Experts and professionals in this sector will discuss the economical, political and environmental aspects of this topic in the “intelligent urbanization forum”.

Career day: EXPO REAL is calling students, graduates and young professionals who are interested in joining the real estate sector for a career day on October 9 from 09:00–14:00. Reputable firms and contributors in the market will be waiting for you offering great opportunities to catch.

After knowing what the triggered topics in the expo are going to be, next is the most important dates you don’t want to miss while attending the expo this year.

Don’t miss these 3 important dates during the EXPO

  • Europe and the spectre of Brexit: before, during, after or even without?

Time: 07/10/2019, 12:30 pm – 01:20 pm

Place: Hall C2, Booth 320 – EXPO REAL FORUM

Language of lecture: German

Overview: The Brexit vote three years ago has been a milestone in the economic situation affecting not only the UK but the whole EU region, industry experts shall discuss the effect of the Brexit on the EU assuming predictions of what should the next steps be and what are the upcoming scenarios in this meetup.

  • Investment Strategies for Asia-Pacific: Risks and Returns

Time: Language of lecture: German

Place: Hall A1, Booth 134 – Investment location forum

Language of lecture: English

Overview: Asia-Pacific region is an attractive market for European investment nowadays with the benefits of liquidity growth and market performance indicators. In this lecture, speakers will discuss how investment flows in the Asia Pacific region and how to maximize the profit return while investing there.

  • The impact of urbanization, e-commerce and new mobility

Time: 09/10/2019, 10:00 am – 11:50 am

Place: Hall C2, Booth 320

Language of lecture:  German

Overview: Urbanization process is changing with the fast population growth and the changing requirements of living, along with this change the whole city is transforming with the retail sector, landscape and urban mobility. This portrays a question of what should be the form of future properties? and in what direction urban designers should go? These tackled questions will be answered in this expo lecture.

What’s new for PlanRadar at EXPO Real 2019

PlanRadar is presenting a new revolutionary feature this expo for an update predicted to be published in the early beginning of 2020. The new feature will enable users to view BIM-models (3D models) in PlanRadar app and allow them to locate tickets within these 3D models. This feature will be presented to Europe’s construction management market and will make a huge difference in the defect tracking process afterwards. PlanRadar will present an initial alpha build of the feature in the Expo while working on the final version of it. Don’t miss checking this feature and more at our booth, and meet us at Hall A3, booth 233. See you there!

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