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How to reduce stress using a project management construction software

07.02.2018 | 9 min read | Written by Ralf Steger

The construction sector has become one of the most important sectors on the economic map. In sectors like these, more often than not, this amounts to an increasing workload for the same time period. This inevitably leads to higher pressure and therefore puts higher levels of stress on the workforce. Because your health and wellbeing come first and in order to stay productive we´d like to introduce PlanRadar to you.

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Demand for construction is growing steadily due to urban sprawl and the corresponding infrastructure requirements that must be planned at the same level as well. But all these successes are accompanied by failure and delay reports not only on the economic level but also the time schedule and delivery dates reports. That’s why using the right project management construction software has become the golden solution to control this chaos and interference. It helps you to control time and money while providing a suitable, non-tensioned environment for the human spirit working in this field.

This is one of the reasons why builders and developers turn to large international companies that focus on the management of real estate projects in their various sectors. These companies assess risks as well as support construction projects with their expertise. But this wide area of responsibilities also leads to high personal pressure.

Below we will show you the following:

  1. What are the main trigger points of stress in PM?
  2. What are the consequences of work overload?
  3. How PlanRadar construction software eases your pressure and a stressful environment!

1. Project management overload factors – Case study

A study was done by Swedish scientists Annika Zika-Viktorsson, Per Sundström and Mats Engwall who are working in the Industrial Engineering, Management Technology, and Systems field. The research paper was published in the international journal of project management (2006). The first aim of the study was to investigate psychosocial aspects of work in multi-project settings and how project members and project managers at the operational level perceive their situation. Working in a multi-project setting entails a complicated situation characterized by tight schedules, multi-tasking, increased coordination expenditures, and a large amount of set-up time when alternating between tasks, especially in the field of construction project management.

The researchers constructed two models for the study. The first included nine factors, which address the characteristics of multi-project work that may explain perceived project overload among co-workers. The second posits relationships between project overload and four different outcome variables. Based on general developments observable in 2018 we notice that contractors are often overstrained with their business. That’s why we´d like to give you further insights. The two sections that follow describe the models in detail.

9 Stress and overload factors in construction projects

This part suggested the relations between characteristic factors of a project situation and perceived project overload among co-workers.

  1. Number of projects
  2. Insufficient routines
  3. Excessive formalization
  4. Task resemblance
  5. Time resources
  6. Opportunities for recuperation
  7. Challenges
  8. Authority
  9. Feedback


4 Overload outcome effects on performance of project management engineers

It was suggested that project overload is related to many outcome variables. The researchers proposed that project overload has negative effects on performance and the development of professional skills and may also induce psychological stress reactions. It was also suggested that it may be associated with the hindering of improvement efforts by project members. Here, these outcome variables are seen as important aspects of project work, on top of the fulfillment of project goals; they also concern personal development and wellbeing.

  1. Low adherence to time schedules
  2. Low development of skills
  3. Less activity for improvement
  4. High levels of psychological stress reactions


2. Study results

The study concluded that project co-workers who participate in parallel projects, acting in a setting characterized by scarce time resources, few opportunities, and inadequate routines and high-cost pressure, run the risk of becoming overburdened. It is essential, within a multi-project firm, to be aware of consequences at the individual level when there is an imbalance between human resources and business demands. Based on this knowledge PlanRadar developed tools to support your business and each individual involved with a mobile cloud-based construction management software which you can use from the office as well as on site. Learn more about our Software app here!

The study also indicated that project overload is associated with impaired performance (measured in terms of poor adherence to time schedules), high levels of psychological stress reactions, and decreased competence development. The results show a relationship between adherence to schedule and project overload. That is why you should take this opportunity to try PlanRadar for free and take an important step towards reducing your stress by minimizing pressure in terms of cost and workload. Contact us or check our features to learn how to implement our software into your everyday routines.

How to explain stress trigger points raises questions of both causation and validity. Even if project overload has negative consequences for opportunities to accord with plans and fulfills time goals, missed time goals may still generate perceptions of project overload.

Concerning this study, software engineers are developing project management tools and techniques which can be the easiest way to provide a less-stress working environment and an effective communication, document management and coordination in construction projects. These tools are not only available and important to reduce stress but also the best way to enhance productivity in your field of work.

3. How to solve the project management stressful environment problem?

Project success can be defined as meeting goals and objectives as prescribed in the project plan.

A successful project means that the project has accomplished its goals with high quality while maintaining its schedule and staying within budget. To achieve this target points there are three practical ways which can be summarized into:

  • Effective communication and coordination between project members.
  • Safe documentation of all steps taken by all contractors involved.
  • Quality and quantity control.

Project management construction software – Flexibility with PlanRadar

Communication – Coordination – Documentation are the keywords and at the same time the services provided by PlanRadar. An added value that can be used noticeably to relieve stress.

The PlanRadar application for your mobile device and also via the web platform offers a software that concentrates on construction documentation and defect management. As well as the coordination of all project participants. To create a digital construction file that you can retrieve at any time within seconds, you don’t need more than your smartphone or tablet on the construction site. After uploading the construction plans as pdf, jpg or png file in the interface, processes can be documented chronologically. With the “Tickets” function, you will be able to make direct comments, immediately assign them to those responsible and furthermore, keep track of your projects and the status of their completion. As an administrator e.g. a general contractor, you can invite any number of participants to this internal communication and even manage or control their access rights to certain files. Use these features of our mobile, cloud-based construction management software to enhance productivity on site and at the same time support your employees working on their tasks. You´ll stay in touch with your contractors and document work processes which might become important in case of damage or loss. That’s how you´re going to maintain cost and time efficiency!

We know that your tasks pile up and that there is not enough time to attend personal meetings. Therefore, PlanRadar establishes a project-related contact between the participants, who work independently from your actual deadlines.

Communication with all project participants is so intuitive and easy. Everyone who owns a smartphone and works on the project will immediately be informed about their tasks. They can document and check them in the protocol after their completion, no matter if they´re working from the office or on the construction site. Use our free trial version 30 days without charge to learn more about your opportunity to support your business in 2018. The construction industry needs people to climb on the bandwagon and implement technology based on cloud computing in their field of work. Contact us and become a figurehead of your industry!

manager sitting realxed in a cab

Communication, due diligence, and controlling

Project management specializes in the construction task. A distinction is made between infrastructure construction, power generation, civil engineering, housing, industry, cultural institutions, laboratories etc. The range of construction tasks is almost inexhaustible. Depending on the size of the project the complexity of the management effort increases.

It is not uncommon for the number of project managers involved to rise rapidly due to the beforementioned areas of expertise within a construction project. Risk assessment is no longer a component between the client and the management company, but it decides whether the full assignment is lucrative and manageable or not in general. Controlling, adherence to costs, comparison with projects from reference databases and plausibility, checks of schedules, and cost plans follow only in the second step.

Nevertheless, the more projects that can be managed and included in your own portfolio, the better for your own balance sheets. Due to the lack of background knowledge, however, project managers rarely take measures to save time and optimize processes with the help of software. That’s where we are going to intervene. The construction business industry needs software tools to maximize its rentability. Here is your chance to use management software tools that combine more than 70 years of knowledge from the construction sector with the latest technologies from 2018. Contact us to learn how to work with a construction management tool that boosts your efficiency and facilitates your work!

Quality and quantity control in construction management

The optimal relationship between quality and quantity is achieved by coordinating the project participants, reporting and fulfillment of targets with the client. Meeting with project managers from other companies who are looking for the same large-scale project as you are the last addition to the optimal project management relation. The scope of project management is inexhaustible, every task can be outsourced. Since the early 1950s, we have known a term for the consequence of such long-term excessive labor. The term “stress disease” covers all diseases of the cardiovascular system caused by continuous stress. A manager’s salary is quite high, but so are the occupational risks.

PlanRadar will show you why the use of its web platform is necessary to make your work easier. And why PlanRadar sets other priorities than Microsoft Project with its general scheduling and workflow planning tools.

PlanRadar reduces pressure and coordinates participants

So, if you realize that you’re beginning to feel that the day-to-day obligations of project management start to outgrow, and you’ve even stepped into an endless loop, you should learn how to take your productivity to the next level with PlanRadar. Our cloud-based tool will help you document your construction site and facilitate your work in coordinating contractors. Learn more about PlanRadar here.

Your health is worth it. You can test the software and mobile app for your office 30 days free of charge!

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