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Project management software reviews put PlanRadar on the top list of 2018

08.08.2018 | 8 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek

The use of project management software as a tool for managing and organizing our daily tasks has grown and continuously expands at a rapid pace in all industries, especially the construction sector. The software market has a powerful effect on the construction industry and that’s why professionals in this field started to take an interest in improving the tools and techniques they use. Using the best project management system, your project team can set more realistic milestones and deadlines and keep all of your team members focused on your deliverables. In this article, we will introduce to you the key features you can use to evaluate a construction software’s efficiency and grasp how the software market is reshaping the industry now and in the future.

A project manager looks to a promising future

In the end, you will be able to choose which software will exactly fulfill your teams’ tasks. We suggest you try the PlanRadar software to see for yourself. The application runs on multiple operating systems for mobile phones and desktop devices with countless features to support your construction business.  Moreover, PlanRadar has been on top of the reviews list for best construction software in 2018 and it has been the winner of “technological innovation of the year” at the Australian construction awards in the same year. Read through the reviews and don’t hesitate to decide which will be best for your business.

How Construction Software Technologies are Reshaping the Industry?

The construction business is one of the largest industries in the world especially in the U.S. with expenditures reaching over 1.231 billion dollars. However, despite its tremendous potential, construction firms are still struggling due to a shortage of skilled workers and a lack of team productivity, while balancing a task overload. The solution was always obvious, installing new information systems and technologies in the workplace was always just a matter of time. But this step, unfortunately, came a little late. The construction industry started to take a new path of implementing digitization, task tracking and automation in all the construction project management phases and that led to a significant move in the market. Since so many project management software reviews popped up online, we would next like to highlight some of the top construction management software technologies that firms started to adopt in their work.

Drones: It’s the aerial vehicles that started to be used now in the industry with cameras to collect information from places with limited access. This will support a continuous monitoring and tracking of each project area and reduce the time and labor needed to produce these surveys and reports. You´re able to collect data and review your building lot through an app connected to the drone. Using drones is the best way to create an overall view in a short time and to check for ongoing tasks in your construction project.

Safety insurance: Technology didn’t stop at digitizing tools and equipment for the site work but also for the working labor. Now we have smart glasses and smart helmets which are equipped with a transparent visor, special lenses and 4D augmented reality software. This helmet can also give a warning about potential hazards about the location and surroundings of your projects. Even displaying important information on a smart glass, while you are doing your task. Tools and features that support a safe working environment are the best options you can implement into your business to motivate your teams.

Robotic application: Automation in the construction industry started taking a new path of robotics installment at work. Investors started to push towards developing a new robot that will enhance productivity in the construction sector and it may even replace the human workers one day.

It’s time to set your business up for the future with this upcoming breakthrough in the construction industry. Don’t sit this project management software tool out. A solid project management software with the right app features is the next cornerstone that will help all construction firms and management projects to thrive over the next 50 years. The best task tracking tool you can get in 2018 is PlanRadar. Our construction management app will make your teams and your business skyrocket!

What are the Best Construction Software Features that help you to pick the right tool for your needs?

Construction management software is generally all the computerized systems that have been developed for contractors and construction firms to help them in accomplishing their job mission. This market is getting larger in tandem with the construction sector growth to be its main support. However, the complexity and size of the projects now require advanced techniques in project management to give the attention needed for every detail. This is how projects minimize their delay and money loss. What project managers ultimately want, and need is a tool that lets them see relevant information on defects or tasks like status, progress, priority, etc. in a glance. So, we are basically looking for an app with many built-in tools that make it more than just a simple task tracking app. The best tool should promote team collaboration. The following are the top project management software features that will help you, your business and your teams to find the required software:

Construction accounting: The costs of a construction project formulate multiple layers with different orientation, that’s why it needs to be always monitored and tracked to avoid any losses. A construction software that can hold this task is an essential addition to your work because it minimizes the time spent on the accounting paper tasks and allows you to concern yourself more on monitoring the project workflow.

Site monitoring: The main phase of any project is the construction phase, that’s when the project teams start to put the action plan to ground. Basically, any successful project management starts with this task. If you succeeded in having a productive working environment and a smooth flow this means that you have crossed to the safety zone. A site monitoring and tracking software helps you through this phase by documenting each defect and preparing schedules and statistics you need.

Reporting management: A cloud-based construction software is now your key element to a no-delay process in your work. It happens sometimes that a team member doesn’t have access to a certain document and this is preventing him from taking a critical decision and completing a task. With an online cloud software, you can give all of the team members accessibility to any document they need and eliminate unnecessary access barriers.

Manage teams: A healthy environment for any construction business does not mean just to be strict and preserve the working rules, but also to nurture collaboration within the team. This should help you during the project schedule and even after. You can ease your decision-making process now with having a software that gathers all your team and business members on one app platform to discuss and negotiate at every milestone.

Mobile features: Finally, smartphones are the devices that we use on a daily basis, therefore your construction business needs the best software tool that can work across both; desktops and mobile platforms. This software allows you to use your mobile phone on the job site mission as a tracking tool, so you can always be on track with all ongoing tasks and collaborate with all project management teams. A construction mobile software allows you to take and attach photos to a specific observation or defect, log in to your project cloud and have access to any info you need. This will give you a better time management. In addition to that, you can document any new process as material receiving with its attached data at the time, quantity and the merchant.

It’s clear now that you can’t go without a construction software app in your work. With the best task tracking features, you can easily decide which software will fit your needs. PlanRadar is your best choice, as it combines the best features and tools the best project management software needs. You can minimize your working costs up to 70%. Give it a try now and get your 30-day free trial today. Don’t miss the chance to be up-to-date with the latest trend in the construction industry. Stay on top of everything that is going on with your projects and get your documentation, task- & defect management right. Equip your business and your teams with this app and give them the tools they deserve.

Future Predictions of Growth in the Construction Software Market

When we talk about the future, the first topic that runs into our minds is the “Internet of Things.” Being a part of the construction sector makes you familiar with the machines and equipment used on site and in the prefabrication factories. Can you imagine if all of these machines were connected to the internet? This would simplify multiple and complex construction tasks. Project teams could work more efficiently. The internet of things is the latest technological trend that’s going to reshape the construction industry and here is the proof:

Energy saving approach: With the help of the IoT technology machines would save and send information about their power usage and distinguish between the rush and resting hours which can help the company to adjust their overall energy consumption.

More economic: No more loss for any equipment and supplies, with the IoT you will have the ability to track every piece of equipment via GPS-locating and follow the working hours and functions of every heavy machinery.

Equipment repairing: With the IoT, every machinery and the best tools will have embedded sensors to automatically send information among teams whenever something goes wrong inside. A developed sensor can have the ability to signalize a defect so that appropriate measures can be taken instantly. This minimizes any delays depending on the defect while simultaneously increasing its productivity.

Construction software solutions are endless. You can browse through any project management software review, but what you ultimately want is the best app with the right tools to keep yourself and your team on time with deadlines, while tracking all tasks and managing your teams. In this way, you guarantee that your tasks will always be carried out with less human errors and at the highest team performance level. Pick the software that is compatible with your work and start saving your business time and money. You will double your return on investment by trying out PlanRadar today. Take your chance and use your 30-day free trial now. Experience the technology of tomorrow, today. If you need any more information about pricing and offers for yourself or your team you can easily contact our customer care center at any time.

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