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Remodelling apps: making home renovations more manageable

20.01.2020 | 5 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek

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Four million households choose to renovate their homes over moving into a new one in the UK. According to a report made by HISCOX on over 2000 interviews in the UK, the numbers of renovating decisions were up from 3% in 2013 to 15% in 2017 making a considerable boost in the remodelling and renovation market. Remodelling a home is a complicated and interlacing process that ties multiple phases and procedures. Starting from generating the building dilapidation report, passing by the demolition, infrastructure planning, reconstruction and ending with the interior design, decorations, snagging and finally moving in. If you are not familiar with these practices before managing them would be an endless hassle. However, now with the help of a remodelling app, you can

  1. Plan all your home improvements from start to finish.
  2. Take the home measurements using the camera.
  3. Create floor plans from photos of a room.
  4. Visualise wall paint colours.
  5. 3D virtual reality placement of furniture and decorating objects.
  6. Make construction cost calculations.
  7. Choose from multiple contractors and held an open Bid.
  8. Manage, monitor and document the whole execution process.

Imagine how effortless the progression of remodelling can go using a remodelling app instead of using old traditional methods. On the route of “improve, don’t move” direction, the phase that precedes remodelling is the renovation, know the difference between the two terms down below.

What is the difference between renovation apps and remodelling apps?

Most people mix between remodelling and renovation terms, and in accordance, they mix between remodelling and renovation apps, although they both indicate into two different working errands.

First, remodel: A remodel job is an entire change in space no matter what scale it is. There can be a remodel in a single room or a full building. The changes that take place in the remodelling is a rooting change as a change in structure, expanding or minimising the size of the space, adjustment in roofing, ceiling, plumbing, electrical or thermal structure of the area. Remodel is the task with the highest cost and ties the most jobs to be operated. A remodelling app can be a professional modelling app as 3ds Max or Revit that is used by construction professionals or can be a simple as Magic plan or home design 3D. Using which of them depends on your level of familiarity with the construction modelling work.

Second, renovation: Renovation is the job of renewing the space by adding new components and fixing the already defective parts. Renovation is comparatively much cheaper than remodelling and ties fewer steps to rework. Renovating changes can be a change in wall colours, floorings, lightings, decorations, furniture, rugs, curtains or any other removable part. The main difference from remodelling is that you here do not operate any changes in the main structure of the space or the main infrastructure components. A renovation app is much easier to use as Tap painter, Houzz or any other alternatives. This kind of apps does not require any professional experience to be used you can easily follow the tutorials to reach the target result.

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What are the essential needed costs in remodelling project management?

When you are initiating your remodelling project all the ideas of your dream home come in mind, of course, you don’t want to end this stage being bankrupt! So, if you can’t gather the essential needed costs, you have to start categorising the phases with what is the most prioritising issues to begin with, and what locates in the luxurious stage after finishing. And most important is to know that your costs are not only the expenses you spent on the home, other administration and warranty documents are also needed and will cost as well. Here are the most common general costs and fees you should not forget from the beginning,

  • Warranty to cover the building for at least 10-year that may cost from £1,000 – £5,000 depending on the size and location of the property.
  • Insurance costs mainly depend on the rebuild value and will range between Expect to pay £600 – £1,200.
  • Governmental building regulations fees can start from £100 with no upper range. It only depends on the number of visits required in the project.

Getting to know How much will different renovations add to the value of an average home and the value difference between adding an extension and renovating an existing one. The following infographic by HISCOX explained it briefly.

remodeling apps

5 Sustainable enhancements that you can make using an online remodelling software

While working on a remodelling or renovation project, you are not only seeking to get back the old state of the property but also to add new touches that enhance the use of the space and improve functionality. Going greener is more beyond a 21st-century trend. It has the ability to breathe new life into space by taking advantage of the new eco instalments and it contributes to lowering energy consumption and making our properties cheaper to run. An online construction remodelling software can help you in:

  1. Changing the total energy consumption of the property.
  2. Choose eco-friendly materials and fabrics.
  3. Choose a renewable energy thermal system.
  4. Design a water-waste management plan for the whole unit.
  5. Add natural energy source as solar cells.

Millennials are leading the change now. 20% of those who are renovating their properties includes an eco-feature fabric or technology. Also, one in four (27%) of the same age group is pioneering the adoption of smart home technology such as thermostats and light bulbs compared to only 10% of 35-54-year-olds and 15% across all age groups, as mentioned in the HISCOX report. A renovation project management software is not a luxurious addition anymore. If you are starting a remodelling project, we suggest depending on professional tools to fulfil your task effectively. That’s the only way to ensure doing your job as career professionals even if you are not.

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