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"Digitalization and modern technologies are the driving force of today’s construction industry and we have been advocating their implementation for a long time because we see the positive impact it has on buildings throughout their entire life cycle."

Marek Šnyrch,

Project Manager at Delta Group

Introduction of DELTA Group ČR

DELTA Group ČR is part of the international DELTA group of companies providing comprehensive services in the field of civil engineering. It offers its clients services in the field of architecture, general design services including BIM building design, project preparation, construction management, tendering, digital data environment, building sustainability certification and IT services and support. The company handles virtually all phases of building planning and implementation from preparation through construction, cost optimization during subsequent operation, and eventual end-of-life recycling of materials. In terms of the real estate segment, it focuses on both residential and commercial buildings such as industrial and office buildings, hotels and shopping centres, as well as public sector buildings.

The company was founded in 1977 in Austria and has been operating on the Czech market for over 30 years. Since its establishment, it has developed into a multinational company with offices in four countries – Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine, but it is practically active in the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe and continues to expand. Currently, it has over 400 employees and is involved in more than 500 projects per year with a total value of 5 billion euros.

Project Dock In Five

The DOCK in Five office building is the last part of the now complete multifunctional DOCK district, which has grown around two blind arms of the Vltava River on the border of Prague’s Karlín and Libeň. The author of this extensive complex, which includes both residential space and modern offices and commercial units, is Crestyl Group – a leading Czech developer known for high-quality projects and cutting-edge design with a focus on sustainability.

Construction of the DOCK in Five office building itself began in 2019 and was completed three years later in May 2022. It consists of a total of 10 floors (3 underground and 7 above ground) and comprises mainly office space with a total floor area of 19,300 m2 . However, there is also 2,300 m2 of retail space for shops and services as well as an underground car park. The developer’s total investment in the project reached CZK 1 billion.

The project was designed to meet the highest standards in terms of green building certification. The developer implemented a range of energy efficient features and sustainable technologies such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels and a green roof to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and help preserve the environment for future generations. It also boasts an internationally recognized LEED GOLD certification and an award for Best Office Project of the Year at the 22nd CIJ Awards.

Introduction of PlanRadar on the DOCK In project

DELTA Group ČR was responsible for several important areas of the DOCK in Five project. For some time the company has been looking for an ideal solution for effective management and cooperation of the project team and subcontractors, but also for reporting to the investor, who must be regularly informed about the ongoing construction. From the existing PropTech solutions on the market, the company finally chose PlanRadar, mainly because of its practicality and clarity. It has already tested and fully used this platform, for example on the DOCK in Four project, where it proved very successful, and has therefore also implemented it on the DOCK in Five project. Since then, PlanRadar has successfully established itself in DELTA Group Czech Republic, so that it is currently actively deployed on six different projects across the Czech Republic and is also being used in other countries where DELTA Group operates.

“Digitalization and modern technologies are the driving force of today’s construction industry and we have been advocating their implementation for a long time because we see the positive impact it has on buildings throughout their entire life cycle,” explains Marek Šnyrch and adds: “Before we started using PlanRadar, it was common practice in project quality management to use excel spreadsheets, photographs and everything was based mainly on personal communication. However, these methods are time-consuming and often lead to overlooking some aspects that could be handled better and faster. For this reason, we were looking for one comprehensive and clear system that could be used primarily to ensure the highest possible quality in construction projects.” PlanRadar fulfilled all of this, with other benefits including the ability to engage an unlimited number of passive users on a project, view the app on any device (mobile, tablet or computer) in real time or send notifications.

Benefits of PlanRadar

DELTA Group has seen a significant improvement in productivity after the introduction of PlanRadar. It took less time to create and distribute tickets as a reminder to fix specific defects or deficiencies, with a simple ticket taking only 2-3 minutes to issue. The implementation of PlanRadar also led to a reduction in the number of site inspections, as many inspections and approvals could be carried out remotely.

“Thanks to PlanRadar, all collaboration has been significantly more efficient. By communicating early, we were able to prevent potential risks and defects together. We saved up to several site visits per week, which was a great time-saver for all involved,” says Marek Šnyrch, adding: “The scale of the project is well illustrated by the number of digital tickets that were created as part of DOCK in Five. There were more than 1,000 of them, and during the construction process, they pointed out deviations in time to prevent defects from occurring. In terms of reports, we digitised several dozen units. These were mainly tenant acceptance of fit-outs, but also status reports on the construction and façade for important time milestones.”

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Delta Group uses PlanRadar to support these processes

Document management and team-wide communication

Document management and team-wide communication

Delta Group saves time and is more organised by using a paperless, digital system. Being able to access all the information from every project within seconds gives clearcut insight for all in the team.

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Optimised defect management processes

Optimised defect management processes

With PlanRadar’s rich suite of tools to document shortcomings, Delta Group increased their productivity during the implementation process. Assigning individual defects to the responsible people within the app is much more helpful, practical and environmental than having lists written on paper.

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Building site inspections for improved quality

Building site inspections for improved quality

PlanRadar’s features allow Delta Group to record inspections in the residential units, which of course promotes easier and hassle-free implementation of the project. They create inspection sheets with the builder’s technical supervisor where they e.g., check individual phases of the contact insulation system or roof compositions.

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