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"PlanRadar is not additional work, it is another way of working, much more efficient and faster."

Stefano Darbesio

Head of the Total Quality Management office

Impresa Percassi: a new way of working to improve efficiency on construction sites

How to eliminate rework costs and optimize working hours thanks to PlanRadar

Impresa Percassi, a company with a solid entrepreneurial history of 60 years, is one of the most important general contractors for the civil construction sector in Italy: from residential to tertiary management, from commercial to industrial up to large regeneration and redevelopment projects.

Growth over the years has relied on a strong digital transformation of processes, evolving the business model from a family construction company to a top corporate player in the general contractor segment, progressively enriching the value proposition of the business.

Milestones of development, in addition to iconic projects, have been on the one hand the opening to the capital market, with entry into Borsa Italiana’s Elite programme and the issue of a minibond, and on the other the gradual process of internationalisation through the subsidiary Percassi Bâtiment, now active in the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium and Switzerland. Impresa Percassi is part of the COSTIM Group.

The challenge: Efficient processes and the elimination of costs linked to rework

“Innovate, grow and build is our philosophy. Innovate and create value in terms of quality, technology, reliability, respect for the environment and people.”

Impresa Percassi’s mission embodies the main values of one of the most important general contractors in Italy.

These values make it a constantly evolving reality that looks for greater efficiency, including using technological solutions that can integrate with a constantly growing team of professionals.

Stefano Darbesio, Head of the Total Quality Management office, speaking about his work, tells us, “The most relevant issue to solve was preventing and therefore avoiding rework costs. Non-conformity forms in disarray, excel tables that were not very convenient and effective, hours spent in front of word files that had to be continuously reformatted were processes that needed to be made more efficient at all costs.”

The solution: Introducing a new way of working into the company

Stefano Darbesio explains to us that he got to know PlanRadar on the construction site, when he held the role of Technical Director.

“With PlanRadar I immediately saw the possibility of streamlining various processes, with numerous fields of application and development. The platform helped us immediately in many different contexts: with the project control quality, the management of hundreds of non-conformities, the management of inspection reports and other types of reports”.

“In my role, I am trying to instill, as much as possible, a new working culture. With PlanRadar I try to continuously make the most of the evolving potential, trying to make our colleagues understand that its use is not additional work, it is a new working methodology, much more efficient and faster“, continues Stefano Darbesio, Head of the Total Quality office Percassi Business Management.

The result: The numbers are clear

Today Impresa Percassi uses PlanRadar for around 15 projects, worth between 20 and 80 million, with some exceptions (350 million)

The platform is truly intuitive and can be customized according to your needs. Today it is used by site managers, project managers, technical directors, suppliers, works managers, customers. We archive and manage the entire non-compliance process in a single database, with the addition of a unique planimetric positioning and the ability to add photographic and non-photographic attachments, as well as having the possibility of direct communication with stakeholders. For minute-taking and all other types of reporting, adaptable to every need, we have greater efficiency with a much higher speed of document preparation than before“, explains Stefano Darbesio.

Some numbers are particularly revealing, as indicated by the Head of the Total Quality Management office of Impresa Percassi, and attest to the improvement in productivity by Impresa Percassi:

100% use in managing non-conformities

100% elimination of paper/Excel forms

80% of staff use PlanRadar

50% of hours saved for specific processes such as the creation of written reports, resulting from post-inspection processing on the construction site.

20% reduction in visits to construction sites, because monitoring of the progress of the works and approvals are easily done remotely.

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Impresa Percassi uses PlanRadar to support these activities:

Information collected easily in a centralized platform

Information collected easily in a centralized platform

All comments, photos and videos on the digital floor plan are stored and accessible to the team at all times.

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Reports ready in just a few clicks

Reports ready in just a few clicks

Simply press a button to generate reports with all the information collected, including images, documents and comments to share with other users.

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Efficient assignment of tasks

Efficient assignment of tasks

With PlanRadar, Impresa Percassi is able to structure its processes in a standardised way, therefore tasks are assigned to the people responsible.

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