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Normally, meetings are needed to communicate to the team and avoid costly time-consuming misunderstandings including the management but also all contractors. In the case of construction and maintenance projects, efficient on-site building supervision is one of the most challenging tasks for every construction specialist, planning engineer, and building company. PlanRadar saves you long time-consuming meetings while providing all the necessary information needed for project management.

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Because a multitude of things can go wrong at any point, and time is a scarce resource, a high level of management and meticulous control is required in your construction project. Judgment clashes and delays in operations are not uncommon and are annoying for both sides; the builder and the owner. Estimating the management effort without the help of software products is depressing. Based on this knowledge and reviews we developed a construction software which is going to ease your project management. Learn how software features and tools are going to support your business and manage all contractors involved. What is Construction Management nowadays? – Based on our opinion it´s the right interaction of productivity-enhancing strategies and functions implemented by men working with digitized features in the construction projects.

No more meetings (in a rush)

We had to learn that the key to good working construction projects is to manage a seamless comprehensive communication. As planners, we try to push meetings into a very tight time frame to keep our projects on track. During the planning of a high-end luxury resort, one of our clients reported about his former difficulties without PlanRadar: “While the interior design of several apartments and their illumination concept changed, the electrician forgot to note these variances during one of the meetings. No one paid attention to this anymore.” The result: a forced demolition and reconstruction of some almost finished parts which lead to growing costs and anticipated accounting problems. Due to such troubles estimating and accounting cost becomes very difficult. This mistake would have been avoided easily with the PlanRadar software through its complete and easy to use record keeping system that notes all of these changes during the planning in the cloud-based system. You´ll enjoy learning how to operate your job with the features of PlanRadar even from home! Benefit from our Project Management Software for Construction and enhance consistent communication within all parties involved in your project. Avoid incorrect information and increasing costs! Manage any construction management job task much more easily now. All you need to do is analyze your project demands. Do your internet research and browse through the best construction management software reviews. And finally, decide which one adds real value to your project. Especially in regards to cost estimation, accounting, and scheduling processes.

What’s in it for planners and companies?

In many cases the allocation of tasks is made more concrete, the parties no longer have to arrange meeting dates which incur further costs and rob time because of minor inconsistencies in the process of construction management. All project and management details will be recorded and synchronized in the cloud in real time, and are available to all users immediately even from home. According to PlanRadar reviews, every project participant saves around 60 minutes daily. The timely automated documentation of deficiencies and their direct communication makes it impossible to talk past each other. But most importantly, the constant dialogue via a digital platform prevents controversies during the projects that are often caused by the fact that one of the parties feels transgressed or wrongly disparaged. There is a smoothing of the hierarchies between construction companies and planners and thus the reduction and solution of great conflict potential. Our easy to learn and work with a solution for the construction business is revolutionizing the industry while many contractors still use inefficient products. Using the PlanRadar Construction Project Management Software will result in higher performance through interdisciplinarity and real-time collaboration. If we look at this from the point of view of contractors, we will find out that contractors tasks seem to be endless, in any construction project. They need to coordinate the scheduling process with accounting to provide a reliable project timeline. The best solution is a construction project management software, which can seamlessly be implemented within your work environment. This kind of software, especially the cloud-based ones, can offer multiple features as a one-stop platform for your team with unlimited cloud-storage for uploading all your project data. Delivering the project in time and within budget is the best thing for upgrading your business in a highly competitive construction sector.

PlanRadar software for construction – Advantages through digitization

The number of information channels is exorbitant. Coordination and communication are therefore no longer just a question of good time and Project Management, but a logistical challenge in the construction industry. Estimating the range of email, telephone, fax, contact details and the corresponding channels will be almost unmanageable in their variety. We are dealing with the same problems regarding incoming information. A common user interface for all project participants thus saves not only time and annoyance through misunderstandings but avoids the constant unclear search for relevant contacts and documents. Furthermore, it establishes a separate construction consultation protocol that allows a transparent documentation process in which none of the project participants can feel bypassed. By using the right features and tools at the right time, concentrating on a solution offered to the building industry via a construction management software will make your business skyrocket!

Meetings held in a fixed time window are limited in their complexity and ability to disseminate all the needed information. Although with PlanRadar this is no longer an issue. The scope of input is not dependent on the amount of time each team member is able to raise and contribute to the group. They will learn how to manage their business and the tasks resulting, intuitively by using the PlanRadar Construction Software instead of other products. You´ll have to take a decision and choose the best Building Software that fits exactly your needs to be able to contribute something to an efficient lifecycle of a facility or building!

PlanRadar – These tools are included

With PlanRadar, you have a tool which allows you to digitize all relevant planning documents and save them on a cloud-based system. From here all project participants have direct access via IOS, Android or Windows 10 and can make relevant changes via their mobile devices on the way to the construction site and even from home with an overall view. Any information necessary for other project participants can be included in a timely manner and directly on the plans using our software.

For this purpose, our software solution provides supporting features for your construction business. Tickets included in the plan are available to all and can be augmented with photos, texts, voice messages, and further assigned to specific people. Estimating the real scope of undone work becomes much easier with a general view. PlanRadar can be used in offline mode and is not limited by a continuous Internet connection. Once the connection is restored, all changes will be updated in the cloud. The security protection and documentation in this way allow the saving of a separate administrative management effort. Which means a tremendous lessening of work for everyone, from the general contractor to the craftsman. Evident proof documentation of all steps taken in the construction process is an important step towards minimizing Builders Risk and the danger of Construction Litigation.

Conflict resolution based on innovative construction software

There is at minimum one important uncertain constant variable in the construction industry. We are talking about the human being and his ability to learn and to change his point of view. Dealing with pressure and stress in a tight schedule and personal confrontation are some of the main reasons for arguments. These arguments lead to time delay, costs, and even more pressure. PlanRadar gives you a convenient tool to become more efficient and observe all parts of the team objectively. No more unjustified accusations.

Organizing preparations for a meeting are very complex and sometimes opaque caused by the multiplicity of contractors involved. In addition to the short time window for all project participants, it is essential to try to pull the maximum benefit out of each meeting. The meeting topics are fixed to achieve the goals of the meeting. Subdivided agenda items are as important as precise references to documents and necessary papers. If only one of the necessary aspects is missing, the corresponding ordinal point cannot be solved, resulting in a time delay. Start with PlanRadar and understand how to manage and support your projects while staying up to date with your own business and all contractors linked to it. But do your own research and learn about the differences between PlanRadar and other Software products on the market, available for Construction Management and make use of our trial version 30 days free of charge!

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