Which construction apps for iPhone are the best?

Have you ever visited your building site without your most important papers, documents or plans? There are documents for each and every part of a building’s lifecycle regarding construction plans, floor plans, defect reports, checklists, daily logs etc.

Construction apps promise to help you manage your construction site, your data, your projects and also your employees. We´ve been searching for some user friendly and intuitive applications for your iPhone available in the Apple app store and we´d like to share them with you!

Let’s begin with a short review about:

  • Productivity enhancing apps features,
  • free apps for your field of work,
  • supported areas of construction management and
  • customized app solutions for your business.

construction app for iphone

1. PlanRadar

PlanRadar provides an application for all involved parties during a building´s construction, to efficiently identify, monitor and document construction defects for verification purposes during a construction project. The entire team – from the expert to the craftsman – can simultaneously record defects on the construction site using a Smartphone or tablet, locate them on the digital construction plan, and assign them to the appropriate subcontractors for processing on the field. We built an easy to use interface with absolutely intuitive navigation through the app for all users. Our Software will store your information in a cloud while you are taking your first steps and procure an overall view on your project. You can share and work on your construction project with your Apple iPhone or iPad!

You can generate individual -tickets- and place them precisely in your construction plans. They contain all of the necessary information about a certain construction section and are chronologically recorded on the platform. This enables the entire project to be monitored without being physically present on the construction site. Instead, with the help of the PlanRadar project management app, it generates more free time and the possibility to concentrate on project management.

PlanRadar is offering supporting features within a novel interface for all contractors and project participants. All relevant planning and project related documents can now be updated, retrieved, digitized and stored in a cloud online at any time as well as in offline mode. In 2017, PlanRadar, having been compared with other business apps concentrating on construction management, won the MIPIM summit in NYC and was voted one of the best Proptech companies worldwide! Gain insight with the free software demo version for your desktop or mobile device. If you like it feel free to share your app experience with other potential users. Our app offers great help to all contractors in the construction business.

2. Safety meeting app

The -Safety meeting app- offers you and your company an overview of more than 950 safety topics and therefore the best safety management tool.

We are talking about a software application which promises to chronicle OSHA’s necessary and required safety meetings, incidents, accidents, near misses and a lot more regarding your construction project on your mobile device. You can use this application on your smartphone, tablet or computer to keep your projects and processes safe.

What are your benefits?

  • One application for an entire company
  • Prefabricated theme packages (OSHA)
  • Organization of OSHA-Meetings
  • Organization of employees
  • Confirmed by timestamp
  • Printable pdf export
  • An unlimited number of users and more.

This software application is available free of charge in the apple app store.

3. Contract maker app

The contract maker app is concentrating on the requirements of contractors who want to optimize their workflow with an app. Its main field of action is to create a legal contract without time loss even directly from the construction site of your project.

5 minutes is enough to create a new contract and send it via email to your purchaser with this software app. You are going to be faster than other bidders by using pre-written forms that can also be adapted to your requirements by customizing all the phrases of the contract the way you want them for your business requirements. Contract maker is one of the apps adapting to your business needs.

Just pick and choose the proper section and include it in your document. By adapting your contract, it can be used in different industries:

  • Construction
  • Landscape
  • Real Estate
  • Movers
  • Home Repair, etc.


You will save time completing your task on the job site instead of spending your evenings and weekends catching up on paperwork. Find the Contract Maker in the app store to make sure that your projects and construction work are secured in the best way by a pertinent legal contract.

4. Smart bid mobile

Smart bid mobile is another new software application concentrating on the needs of contractors who want to optimize their workflow. This app helps you to build up your private network of subcontractors. Do you want to get your job done and also work with the best offers and people you already know from other projects? Use Smart bid mobile app to gain an overall view and bring your management to the next level!

This software matches with general contractors and manages invitations to bid from anywhere. You can set up your own data pool with companies which comply with special pre-qualifications, list them and call them to bid!

A virtual data space allows all participants access to files and preconstruction plans which can also be adapted at any time by the administrator. Smart bid mobile is a part of the SmartBid internet application. First, you must log into your user account to ensure that you stay in touch 24/7 through your mobile device. You can download the mobile app for free from the app store to gain an overall view.


5. Sage Expenses & Invoices

The new Sage app is focusing on the needs of business owners and freelancers. Its main field of action is to record and understand your business transactions, expenses, and invoices. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for you to use the application without any further experience. Apps like Sage are connecting contractual partners.

With Sage, you will send quotes and invoices to your customer after finishing your job. Furthermore, all processes will be recorded in seconds. You will also descry overdue or unpaid bills within a short time. Sage app is one of the best transaction management tools for your projects available for your smartphone.


  • Creating personalized invoices
  • Share them with your client
  • Oppose payments to invoices
  • Manage unpaid bills
  • Manage your transactions
  • Organize categories
  • Organize contacts
  • Analyze your whole performance
  • Work even in offline mode and more.


It is an all in one client management tool to organize your job. You will save time completing your work on the construction site instead of wasting your spare time catching up on paperwork!

As you can see there are many new construction management apps available in the Apple store trying to ease processes on the construction site, regarding construction safety, construction management and teamwork in the construction business. Whatever´s your field of work, using these apps will make your life much easier. It is up to you to make your decision for an app which meets your requirements and the standards of your business.

It´s not easy to track all the construction business related operations (and sometimes even free) Apple applications for your iPhone. Nevertheless, our users refer to exorbitant time and cost savings through the use of our construction management app. Try PlanRadar 30 days for free and share your own experiences comparing it to other apps on the market.

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