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18 Best Construction Apps for iPhone and iPad

24.06.2022 | 14 min read

Is your team already using construction apps for iPhone and iPad?

It’s now a fact of life: we all use our smartphones, tablets, and netbooks outside the office for work purposes. These electronic assistants make it much easier to monitor various tasks while travelling or working on-site.

With the emergence of digital solutions for highly specialised industries, such as construction, workers don’t just use smartphones and tablets for instant messenger communication or viewing documents: modern software packages and applications enable users to work with design documentation, drawings, 3D models, and BIM-models on the go. With the help of construction apps, you can take accurate measurements of structures and premises: physical measuring instruments have become digital. It is also possible to quickly calculate construction cost estimates without resorting to additional paper data sources and switching between several programs.

Why should I use iOS construction apps?

Since iOS-based smartphones appeared before Android phones, applications for iPhones and iPads began to develop earlier. At first, there were simply more of them on the market. Quite a few professionals in the construction industry prefer to work with iPhones, considering them much more reliable to work with while offering specialized programs with smooth, lag-free operation and excellent speed. In addition, iPad apps are very popular among architects and designers – it is more convenient to work on these tablets, and their colour rendering is one of the most accurate.  Apple products are preferred in many creative fields, and this often includes architects.

In the App Store, you can find a lot of professional applications for designers and engineers, as well as applications that are useful for anyone who has anything to do with construction or real estate projects.

We have collected the most useful applications for the iPhone that are designed for builders with different specializations. Construction apps can also help with tasks like creating and managing construction invoices, which can save contractors a lot of time and hassle.

The iPhone applications for builders presented in our table can be roughly divided into:

  • Graphic tools for architects and designers;
  • Drawing and graphic design for planners and constructors;
  • Task and team management – for builders of project managers and project managers;
  • Measuring and other uses – laser ruler, level, space scanner and similar.

It should be noted that serious software products offer a range of versions for user convenience, including web versions and versions for Android devices in addition to iOS devices.

But our list also features construction apps that only offer versions for iPhones or iPads.

Applications for project managers and construction managers

Title Price Free trial period
PlanRadar £25/£139 per month or £23/£119 per month paid annually


PlanGrid Build Field Ap‪p From $39


Fieldwire Construction Manager From £25


BIM-360 iPad From £138 a month or £1092 for an annual subscription


Snag List – Audit & Report $1.99 a month or $15 a year

A mobile solution for construction management and construction documents. It is universally suitable for different specialists in construction carrying out a huge range of different tasks. The functionality can be applied at all stages of the construction lifecycle and also for the management and maintenance of commercial properties after handover. The main advantage is the simple interaction with the interface: intuitive navigation means that teams don’t need lengthy training. Projects can be set up in less than 10 minutes. The app can also work without an internet connection – the data captured while offline automatically synchronizes when next connected.

The platform allows project managers to share 2D plans or BIM models with their entire team. The app also offers simple and customisable report templates that can be filled out on the go without losing the quality of official documents. It also contains convenient tools for working with a 3D model from a tablet or smartphone – everything is accurate and clear. PlanRadar offers a 30-day free trial on all devices and operating systems, plus flexible and transparent payment rates – per year or per month. Users can also invite an unlimited number of subcontractors free of charge, making the platform excellent value for money. PlanRadar is available in 18 languages (with more in the pipeline) and offers local support if needed.

PlanGrid Build Field Ap‪p

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: PlanGrid

One of the leading cloud-based solutions for builders in the U.S. market.

A construction project productivity application that allows project teams to work and collaborate even when they are in different locations. All team members can see the right documents and reports, lists and plans in real-time. Project and task management simplifies planning and documentation. It is convenient for working with plans on an iPad. In addition to English, the app is available in other languages. The first 30 days are free, and the provider offers flexible pricing depending on the needs of the company. Prices begin at $39 per month.

Fieldwire Construction Manager

Топ строительных приложений для iPhone и iPad: Fieldwire Construction Manager

Another well-known American option is an application for construction management and management of real estate projects. The platform combines actions and coordinates the team’s interaction on the project: it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of everyone and assign tasks. The basic functionality is similar to the first options in this list: users can work in real time, upload photo documentation, work with drawings and plans and manage tasks.

The application itself is free for 5 users and up to 3 projects/100 sheets and is available in English. If there are more users, the rates start from £25 a month (paid annually).

BIM-360 iPad

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: BIM-360 iPad

An application from Autodesk for working with project documentation, plans and models, as well as implementing construction quality and workflow safety, managing these tasks via iPhone or iPad. The platform helps manage construction and project delivery, optimizes project team tasks, controls budget frameworks and provides all information in a single system. Management of 2D plans and 3D models. Synchronization of office and site teams. This app is available in multiple languages.

Snag List – Audit & Report

Топ строительных приложений для iPhone и iPad:Snag List - Audit & Report

An application for inspecting facilities for defects as well as for generating reports and defect lists. The functionality helps users to document defects and capture them with photos or comments and notes. You can also add annotations with editing tools. Notify the person in charge about snags by creating tasks, thereby helping to manage the project and resolve issues quickly. Reports are exportable and printable in PDF format. Price -$1.99 per month or $15 per year, making this the cheapest option listed. However, the features are more limited than the other options. This app is available in several languages.

iOS applications for engineers

Title Price Free trial period
Autocad A light subscription starts at £486 per year


PadCAD Lite $14.99


magicplan Versions range from €9.99 to €89.99

The first 2 projects are free of charge

OrthoGraph – Floor Plan Subscription options range from $9.99 to $100 14-day trial available


Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Autocad

A powerful DWG File Editor allows you to view, edit and measure plans. Work with 2D plans in DWG format, drilling down to layers and external links. Compatible with AutoCAD applications, so you can work on different platforms from any device. Works without internet access. The application is perfect for architects, engineers, builders, technicians, and subcontractors. You can view and edit DWG files even without CAD experience.

Offering users a 7-day free trial, the Premium version costs $49.99 or the Ultimate version costs 99.99 for a year. However, you would probably want to use a desktop version of this app as well, in which case a subscription starts from £486 per year. An Android version is also available.

PadCAD Lit‪e

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: PadCAD Lite

A CAD application that creates accurate plans for small projects. This app offers the ability to upload finished plans to professional CAD software. Intuitive plan operation, scalability, and fine-tuning of each object. Easy manipulation using an electronic display and a handy and accurate joystick. An extended paid version costs $14.99, basic functionality is free.


Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: magicplan

Creates floor plans and generates reports and estimates on site. Using a camera, the application captures the room and processes it digitally, providing accurate measurements on the plan. As a result, you get real measurements of a particular room quickly and effortlessly. You can manually correct drawings, which can then be exported to PDF, JPG and DXF formats. The general plan of the building is created on the principle of puzzles: you need to move each measured room to the main drawing, connecting it in parts. The app offers simple touch manipulation, drag and drop objects on the drawing, and the ability to add objects – windows, openings, stairs, even furniture. Used by architects, renovators, and others. Price – the first 2 projects are free of charge, then there are different versions available at prices that range from $10 to $20. There are a limited number of languages supported.

OrthoGraph – Floor Plan

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: OrthoGraph – Floor Plan

This application helps to digitise building surveys while also offering a platform for 3D floor plans and BIM model management on mobile devices.
Create accurate floor plans, BIM models and reports. A great solution for professionals such as architects, surveyors, realtors, and facility managers. It has drawing modes (freehand or in a plane), and tools for measuring walls and objects. There is no limit to the number of projects created. Supports integration with Leica, Bosch and Stabila Bluetooth laser distance meters. Free for the first 14 days of testing.

iOS apps for architects and interior designers

Title Price Free trial period
Archisketch Available for $15 or $26


Home Design ‪3D Paid plans range from $6.99 to $19.99


SketchUp Viewer Versions range from £95 per year to £549


Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Archisketch

Turns an iPad into a digital drawing board. Perfect for architects and interior designers. The main advantage of this sketch application is that it is scalable. The functionality will allow you to adjust the desired scale of the drawing sheet, rotate different layers, draw freehand or use various tools for shapes. There is a free stripped-down version and two paid versions available for $15 and $26. The application is in English.

Home Design 3‪D

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Home Design 3D

This app facilitates designing in 3D and is aimed at interior designers and architects. Create your own 3D projects, including multi-storey buildings. Access more than 100 preset objects. The app offers support for augmented reality (ARKit for iOS devices), enabling real-time visualization. Users can fill the interior with elements, as well as add detail to the surrounding space. Import plans and work without internet. The base app is free, but there is paid content for different versions.

SketchUp Viewer

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: SketchUp Viewer

This app works with 3D models on your iPad or iPhone and supports the Apple Files application, making it easy to open models from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and other file storage applications. Augmented Reality (AR) viewing features allow you to work with your own 3D models, merging them with the world around you. Measurement tools provide complete information about edge lengths, face areas, and solid and component volumes. The app also offers convenient multi-touch tools for rotation, panoramas and zoom. Users also have the ability to disable layers, making it easier to see what you need to.
The application is in English. Prices begin at £95 per year.

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iPhone apps for measurements and calculations

Title Price Free trial period
Photo Measures $6.99

BuildCalc $24.99

Rafter Help $1.99

Bubble Level for iPhone Free


Lumber Calculator Pro Free


Construction Master Pro12+ Free


Photo Measure‪s

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Photo Measures

Allows you to automatically obtain the exact measurements of the room by photographing it. Users also have the ability to edit the resulting images with dimensions, make notes and add comments. You can also import photos to take measurements and export files in PDF or JPG. This app is available in English. Price – $6.99


Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: BuildCalc

A construction calculator for stairs, fences and other structures. A very functional and, at the same time, highly specialized tool for calculations. English-language application. Price – $24.99

Rafter Hel‪p

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Rafter Help

Digital assistant for calculating rafters. Helps you calculate rafter lengths and appropriate values during construction. Price – $1.99

Bubble Level for iPhon‪e

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Bubble Level for iPhone

A digital spirit level for measuring surfaces and angles, plus a metal detector for detecting rebar or wiring before drilling. Measures inclines and has an AR (augmented reality) ruler functionality. Available in English. Free.

Lumber Calculator Pr‪o

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Lumber Calculator Pro

This calculator app will help you calculate your lumber and make the right estimate for your materials. The calculations can be in yards, feet and inches, as well as in metres, centimetres and millimetres. This app is available in English and is free to download.

Construction Master Pr‪o‬ 12+

Top construction apps for iPhone and iPad: Construction Master Pro 12+

An advanced construction calculator with mathematical functions. Functional, but requires some patience to figure out how it works. Free to download.

The best iOS construction apps should work for you

Compared to other sectors, there isn’t a huge amount of competition in the field of construction software. There are very few high-quality applications that always work smoothly between site and office and between different kinds of devices. Each application has its own strengths and weaknesses and only practical application gives a real picture of its usability.  Therefore, when choosing applications for your tasks, always pay attention to whether you can test the product first before paying for functionality you won’t need or can’t work with.

PlanRadar’s software solution can be fully explored by testing it for free over a 30 days period. The application is available for all operating systems, so owners of iPhones or Android devices will be equally able to see the simplicity of PlanRadar and gain all the benefits of using the application. Why not try our construction site management solution yourself today to see how it works?

Get started in 4 easy steps.

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