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"The more complex a project, the more time that PlanRadar saves. For me personally, it is PlanRadar's user-friendliness that makes it appealing. It is intuitive and therefore convinces our workers who are not digital natives."

Bmstr. DI Daniel Dishlievski

site manager at Sedlak

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Sedlak: professional construction site documentation in one tap

How Sedlak have been successfully using the PlanRadar platform for years

Sedlak, an Austrian construction firm, has harnessed the power of the PlanRadar platform for several years to streamline construction site documentation and communication. With around 270 employees, they needed an intuitive solution to boost efficiency. PlanRadar delivered a user-friendly mobile platform, significantly improving their daily progress reports, saving time, and enhancing organisation. This transition also led to reduced downtime, better subcontractor management, and improved internal and external communication. PlanRadar has proven to be a valuable asset for Sedlak, elevating their professional image and optimising construction site management.

The challenge: Intuitive handling and seamless construction site documentation

Daniel Dishlievski is responsible for construction management at Sedlak. He works on site and has been using PlanRadar since he joined the company in 2018. In his role, his most important tasks involve coordinating project workers, scheduling employees and materials and communicating with clients and other people working on the project.

Over time, Dishlievski worked with several project platforms, but he did not think they were appropriate as they were not intuitive to use. “On building sites, we also need to convince employees of digital solutions. If they do not accept them, we can’t fully exploit the potential of the platform. On the other hand, if the software is easy to deploy, it is accepted — and PlanRadar is very intuitive. It is much easier to use than Excel,” he explained.

The team most frequently use the platform for daily progress reports. Sedlak benefit from photo documentation prepared every day, which is extremely important “if things become difficult with the project”.

The solution: PlanRadar as a tool for quick and easy daily progress reports

Sedlak have already been using PlanRadar since 2018. There is no standardised process for users to get started with the platform — which is something which makes one key benefit of PlanRadar clear. “If we hire a new technician, then we can show him the tool on the device of someone who already uses PlanRadar. The benefit is that we do not need a structured training process due to the ease of use.”

Being able to use a mobile solution on smartphones is also valued, as workers always have theirs to hand. Not only is documentation completed immediately, but it can also be easily found again within the organised structure.

For Sedlak, creating daily progress reports is particularly important. The combination of the plan, pins and photo documentation and the report export function mean that they can quickly send a professional report to the client.

The result: Sedlak are saving time and money through structured recording of data and improved communication

Even the first job that Sedlak carried out using PlanRadar was a major project with costs of €40 million. After things went well, the company promptly ordered more licences for facility management and defect management remained within the PlanRadar platform.

Sedlak is a decentralised firm organised into five groups, which are each divided into individual construction management teams. There are 20 in-house users with PlanRadar licences. Dishlievski’s team have fully embraced the platform and use it daily.

And the manager thinks that they save the most time because of how clear it is. Before, users wasted a lot of time looking for data that had not been organised in a structured way. PlanRadar is changing this: “If you consistently use PlanRadar, you have the great advantage of being able to find all the data again quickly.” Subcontractor management is another feature that streamlines daily work, saving time and reducing errors.

“The actual monitoring of construction still needs to be done on site”, he said, “but we can make far fewer trips to the build by using PlanRadar for documentation.”

Internal and external communication have been improved with PlanRadar’s help. Photos and reports, which can be exported in a custom layout with just one tap, improve the company’s professional appearance in relation to customers and clients. “We have added our header and all the information to our layout – the final result looks really professional. The reports are easily added to emails and we can print them immediately for meetings.”

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Sedlak uses PlanRadar software for these tasks:

Daily progress reports & site diaries

Daily progress reports & site diaries

Sedlak save time and money with the easy mobile solution for recording construction site data.

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Creating defect reports

Creating defect reports

Thanks to the customisable report templates from PlanRadar, Sedlak are creating complete defect reports with just one tap.

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Defect recording & defect management

Defect recording & defect management

Sedlak record information about defects as text, video, images and audio on construction plans and share it with the team in real time.

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