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"We build partition walls with plaster – to attach anything to these walls, we often need to build reinforcements into the walls. When our work is done, it is no longer visible. So having the option of easily and precisely passing on all the necessary information using the tickets and photo documentation in PlanRadar is perfect. Before, we had to do this manually."

M. Eng. Maximilian Fürst

project manager at Thermo Isolierbau

Thermo Isolierbau: digital plans have replaced paper for interior finishing and drywall construction

How Thermo Isolierbau has replaced paper with digitalised plans and saved 7+ hours a week

Thermo Isolierbau, a family-owned construction company in Gersthofen, Germany. Maximilian Fürst, a project manager at the company, found that paper plans were costly and time-consuming, so they sought a modern solution. PlanRadar offered an intuitive platform with digital plan structures and photo documentation, simplifying communication and documentation. With PlanRadar integrated into their workflows, Thermo Isolierbau completed over 50 projects, saving more than 7 hours per week and reducing the number of site inspections, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

The challenge: paper plans waste time and money

As a project manager at Thermo Isolierbau, some of Maximilian Fürst’s key tasks include construction site planning, logistics, material estimates, monitoring of the construction phase, accounting and documentation. For him, completing projects at the stipulated time and with the required quality, while ensuring economic success, is crucial.

As costs for construction plans kept increasing in the company and it started taking too long to create these, the company decided to look for a modern solution for the problem. They wanted to stop printing plans and to store them so that they were easy to find and readily accessible within a digital structure.

Maximilian Fürst first heard about PlanRadar through different online channels. For him, the decisive purchasing criteria were the app’s ease of use and the layer structure, which perfectly solved the problems described above.

The solution: intuitive software offers digital plan structures and photo documentation

Workers previously worked with paper plans, in Excel tables and with individual photos. But these methods have been successfully replaced by PlanRadar. Users at the company consider the software to be self-explanatory, which makes it simple for them to introduce colleagues to the platform. They can even do this on the site itself with a smartphone or tablet. The plan comparison function, which clearly shows previous plan versions, and the photos for documentation are the most commonly used features.

The result: significant time savings and fewer construction site inspections

Thermo Isolierbau have carried out over 50 projects with PlanRadar in a period from the end of 2020 to the end of 2022. This not only speaks volumes about how satisfied the company are but it also shows how effective using PlanRadar is.

One of these projects is a new publicly funded building within the medical school campus in Augsburg, Germany. The plan is for a research centre which is innovative inside and which embodies this spirit of innovation on the outside too. At Thermo Isolierbau, PlanRadar is used by eight employees to document fire safety and reinforcements, for task and defect management, for digital management of plans and as a basis for accounting. One senior fitter at Thermo Isolierbau praised the tool: “The specific instructions, and information collected in the app, enable us to save time when we complete tasks and to keep follow-up questions to a minimum.

By implementing PlanRadar, Thermo Isolierbau can save over 7 hours per week and significantly reduce the number of site inspections per week too. Since plans no longer need to be printed on paper and a great deal of time can be saved, this time can then be used for other projects and to optimise turnover.


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Für diese Aufgaben setzt Thermo Isolierbau die Software PlanRadar ein

Digital plan management

Digital plan management

The clear digital plans and the plan comparison function mean that Thermo Isolierbau can do away with time-consuming and expensive printing of paper plans.

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Defect management

Defect management

With easy defect management in PlanRadar, Thermo Isolierbau can save lots of time on communication related to remedying defects.

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Fire safety documentation

Fire safety documentation

With the photo documentation in PlanRadar, Thermo Isolierbau can carefully hand over essential information and meet all fire safety management requirements.

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