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"With PlanRadar, we benefit from simple and clear documentation, in digital form, of defects and unfinished tasks."

Vinzenz Schwarz

construction project manager at tristar

Smooth Property Handovers in the Hotel Construction Sector

How tristar hotel group ensures efficient defect management and watertight defect documentation with PlanRadar

tristar faced issues with defect documentation during hotel construction projects, relying on cumbersome manual processes that lacked detail. Vinzenz Schwarz, a construction project manager at tristar, turned to PlanRadar in 2018 to streamline defect management and documentation for 15 hotel projects. This digital solution simplified and enhanced defect documentation, saving time and effort compared to manual methods. With PlanRadar’s intuitive platform, tristar experienced faster, more detailed, and digitized defect documentation and handover processes, leading to fewer miscommunications and construction defects. Vinzenz Schwarz praised the software’s simplicity, enabling easy training for colleagues transitioning to PlanRadar.

The problem: complicated defect documentation in hotel construction

Vinzenz Schwarz is a construction project manager at tristar and acts as a liaison between lessors, contractors on building sites and franchisers. He is responsible for coordinating planning and scheduling with lessees and lessors. He takes care of defect management and defect documentation to ensure high-quality hotel construction. “This used to be done by hand, which made the process complicated. Issues were also not always recorded in enough detail,, Vinzenz Schwarz explained.

The solution: digital support for hotel handovers

Vinzenz Schwarz and his team have been using PlanRadar since 2018 for defect management and defect documentation in around 15 hotel construction projects. This has included projects with values of €10 million to €20 million, including Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity and Hampton by Hilton Munich City Center East. The software is implemented around three months before the hotels open, at an advanced point in the construction phase when acceptance visits need to be held with lessors and lessees.

“With PlanRadar, we benefit from simple, clear and, above all, accurate digital documentation of defects and remaining work,” said Vinzenz Schwarz. Compared to the past way of working, the documentation of defects as well as the acceptance and handover of properties also involve less time and effort, as large-scale plans, cameras and notepads no longer have to be taken to the construction site separately.

The result: time saved on documentation and follow-up work

“With PlanRadar, the processes around defect documentation and handover are faster, more detailed and immediately digitized,”, Vinzenz Schwarz notes. The ease of use also contributes to this. “The software is self-explanatory. Training is carried out by colleagues who have already used PlanRadar without much effort,” says the project manager.

The outcome? Time saved when recording and documenting defects, and on follow-up work associated with this, as well as fewer miscommunications and construction defects.

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Tristar uses PlanRadar's platform for these tasks:

Snagging & defect management

Snagging & defect management

tristar hotel group records construction defects and other anomalies as text, images, videos or audio and pins this information directly to construction plans and building models.

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Photo documentation on-the-go

Photo documentation on-the-go

Workers use mobile devices on-site to create complete photo documentation for internal and external use, with no follow-up work required.

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Transparent documentation handover

Transparent documentation handover

The creation of seamless documentation with PlanRadar means that no details are lost on handover and issues that arise during inspections can be easily added to reports at any time.

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