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Kicking off the Digital Construction Week 2019 in London with a preview of a new BIM application

15.10.2019 | 4 min read | Written by Simon

The Digital Construction Week 2019 will take place in London on the 16th and 17th of October, where everything is focused on digital solutions for the construction industry. PlanRadar will also be present and introducing new innovations of its software for communication and documentation in construction and real estate projects: data and information on construction projects can soon be presented with a BIM-enabled application. Visit us at booth A60 and find out more!

PlanRadar booth at EXPO REAL Munich 2019

Complete insight on construction projects thanks to BIM-Integration

In early 2020, the PlanRadar software will be updated, allowing the Building Information Modeling (BIM) models to be processed according to the IFC standard. The documentation and communication are made possible through the implementation of the BCF standard. As a result, various information about a construction project (recorded defects, open assignments, or other occurrences) can be visualized in 3D models of objects. Combined with the reliable 2D view of data on digital construction plans, the new application provides maximum visibility. Contractors, architects, asset and property managers, retailers and project developers benefit from huge savings in time and money.

And that’s exactly what the UK construction industry needs, according to Nick Marsh, Country Manager UK at PlanRadar: „ The UK has got a very active digital market. A lot of technology companies have chosen to set up shop in the UK because we’re good with technology. And yet there is space where there isn’t that much technology and so it is right for digitalization. [PlanRadar] makes a lot of sense. It is simple and to the point and gives a precise return on the value.”

PlanRadar BIM-Model view

Most important fair in the United Kingdom for the digitization of the construction industry

Whether it’s BIM, the Internet of Things, or Big Data, digitization in the construction industry has received growing attention in recent years. This development will be visible not least at Digital Construction Week. With more than 5,000 visitors, it is the UK’s premier fair for new technologies and solutions in construction projects. Around 160 companies will present their products at this year’s DCW. Besides, visitors can participate in more than 150 seminars and workshops, which are divided into different priorities, of which we list a few below:

Tech Stage: At the Tech Stage, in 10-minute presentations, visitors to the fair will get a glimpse into how new construction solutions are used. Among the speakers is Nick Marsh. He will explain how the use of PCs, tablets and mobile phones is transforming the construction industry and helping organizations save resources by completing tasks faster and fixing errors and deficiencies promptly.

BIM Village: The BIM Village is all about case studies, best practices, and the practical application of Building Information Modeling. Visitors get insight from the implementation to the application of BIM and learn how to make their workflows more efficient and profitable.

Visualisation Theatre: The focus is on the application of 3D modeling, mapping and rendering technologies as well as augmented and virtual reality. Visitors can try tools on the spot for a hands-on experience on how these technologies may be utilized in their everyday work.

Great Britain as an important mark

The construction industry contributes about eight percent of the British gross national product. According to government estimates, the digitization of construction processes brings annual savings and billions of dollars in profits. PlanRadar recognized this potential and opened a branch in London in the spring of 2019. Participation in the DCW 2019 marks another important step in the UK market. Visit our booth A60 and find out how PlanRadar supports you in communication and documentation throughout construction and real estate projects!

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