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Increased fit out efficiency: How to speed up projects and improve quality

14.12.2023 | 6 min read | Written by George Barnes

As an office fit-out company, you’re the maestro of transformation. You take bare walls and empty spaces and construct vibrant, functional office environments that inspire and empower.  

But let’s face it – that innovative side of the fit-out process comes alongside the less creative (but just as important) grind of project management. Dealing with paperwork, chasing down approvals, and managing communication across multiple teams – all of this can (and probably already does) slow down your progress.  

What if you could transform these processes and channel more of your energy into creating spaces that leave a lasting impression?  
With PlanRadar, you can streamline processes, eliminate delays, and ensure projects stay on track. Put simply, if you’re searching for project management tools for fit out, then in blog you’ll see why PlanRadar is the ideal choice. 


1. Fit out project management software: What could it do for you? 

2. 5 ways PlanRadar unlocks speed and efficiency in your fit-out projects 

3. Stop losing precious time on condition surveys 

4. Eliminate roadblocks to boost productivity 

5. Keep your clients happy 

6. Smarter collaboration and decision-making 

7. Your fit out journey starts with PlanRadar 

Fit out project management software: What could it do for you? 

As you’ll know, office fit-outs are complex projects, with what can feel like a million things happening at once. Juggling designers, contractors, budgets, and deadlines can leave even the most seasoned pro feeling like they’re not performing well enough.  

Project management tools for fit-out, like PlanRadar, help organise all your tasks, documents, and communication channels into one central hub. You can assign tasks, track progress, share updates, and see exactly what needs to happen next, all in real-time.  

No more digging through email threads or playing phone tag with contractors. You can shift your attention to the more creative elements of your project. 

Let’s look at some specifics, starting with 5 ways that PlanRadar’s platform can speed up your fit out projects. 

“After introducing PlanRadar, we were able to hand over our biggest project to the client with the best finish to a job that we’ve ever had.”

Luke Chambers, Director at HCIP Ltd

5 ways PlanRadar unlocks speed and efficiency in your fit-out projects 

With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and focus on collaboration, PlanRadar streamlines your workflow, eliminates roadblocks, and ensures your project stays on track and within budget. Here are 5 ways it does it. 

  1. PlanRadar connects you with team members, clients, and subcontractors, allowing you to address issues, share updates, and make informed decisions all within the platform. Real-time communication ensures everyone is on the same page, leading to faster resolution of issues and smoother project flow. 
  2. The platform also provides enhanced project visibility by tracking tasks, deadlines, and progress in one central hub.  

  3. You get a clear bird’s-eye view of your entire project, ensuring everything stays on schedule and within budget.  

  4. No more scrambling to find information or wondering where your project stands with this transparent and centralised system. 

  5. Finally, it eliminates the burden of paper trails by offering digital documentation. You can store, access, and share documents on the go within the platform, eliminating the risk of losing important information. 

Every fit out project you can finish faster means fitting in more projects throughout the year, and a boost to your profits, so these improvement to the speed and efficiency are critical. And the same goes for the next point – condition surveys. 

Stop losing precious time on condition surveys 

One of the prominent time-consuming fit out procedures that PlanRadar can help with are condition surveys. Traditionally, condition surveys have been cumbersome tasks, often requiring handwritten notes and time-consuming reporting. PlanRadar revolutionises this process by offering a mobile-first solution that is: 

  • Efficient: Capture photos, videos, and detailed notes directly on your mobile device. Eliminate the need for illegible handwritten notes and organising photos from various devices, saving valuable time and effort. 
  • Accurate: Use customisable digital checklists to ensure thorough inspections. Mitigate the risk of missing critical details and guarantee compliance with regulations and standards.

  • Instantaneous: Generate comprehensive, professional reports with just a few clicks. Share them instantly with clients and stakeholders, fostering transparency, trust, and collaboration. 

We’ve found from working with fit out clients that PlanRadar can cut the time it takes to complete condition surveys in half. With the number of projects you complete a year, this adds up to a huge time saving. 

Eliminate roadblocks to boost productivity 

We’ve covered speed, but what about productivity?  

PlanRadar equips your team with a suite of powerful digital tools designed to maximise efficiency and eliminate roadblocks. This can be broken down into three key areas: 

  1. The centralised document management system, for example, replaces the chaos of scattered folders and overflowing email chains, allowing you to locate any project document in seconds.  

  2. Automated task management with built-in reminders ensures everyone stays on top of deadlines and responsibilities, while offline access empowers you to work seamlessly even when the internet isn’t cooperating.  

  3. Finally, put an end to waiting  for days for approvals. PlanRadar’s digital signatures accelerate the approval process, enabling you to gain client and stakeholder buy-in quickly and easily. 

Keep your clients happy 

Of course, in fit-outs speed and efficiency aren’t everything; you also need to ensure that you provide a high-quality finish. 

Maintaining high quality standards while also aiming for speed and efficiency can be challenging, but PlanRadar provides the tools and resources you need to achieve both. 

With Planradar, you can conduct meticulous inspections and track defects early with customisable digital checklists. The checklists help you spot problems early on, making sure the quality of your project remains high and avoiding expensive rework. Research that we completed in 2023 shows that rework can take up as much as 11% of the project’s contract value, so the potential for savings here is very high. 

Meanwhile, PlanRadar’s efficient defect management system assigns responsibility for resolution and tracks progress, making it easy to address issues promptly and effectively. This ensures timely resolution and eliminates the risk of defects falling through the cracks. 

You can generate comprehensive compliance reports with just a few clicks. These reports demonstrate your commitment to quality and safety, impressing clients and stakeholders and ensuring smooth project audits. 

Smarter collaboration and decision-making 

The key to a successful fit-out project often lies in the level of collaboration, communication and efficient decision making that you can achieve.  

To help with this, PlanRadar enables better collaboration and data-driven decision-making by providing real-time communication tools. With real-time updates from your teams, document sharing and collaborative issue tracking  you can make informed decisions based on real-time data. 

Hopefully that’s given you some insight into how PlanRadar can help you to take back control of the fit out process and give yourself time to focus on the parts of the project that matter to you the most.  

Your fit out journey starts with PlanRadar 

Make streamlined office fit-outs a reality with PlanRadar. It is more than just project management software – it’s your partner in creating inspiring workspaces.  

With its powerful features and collaborative tools, PlanRadar empowers you to take your entire project management into one place. As a result you can streamline your workflows, boost efficiency, ensure quality, make smarter decisions based on real-time data, and collaborate efficiently with your team and stakeholders. 

Ready to ditch the chaos and take up a smoother, more efficient office fit-out process? Book your free demo today and see how PlanRadar can help you create inspiring spaces with increased office fit-out project efficiency. 

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