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PlanRadar: The powerful platform that makes managing office fit-outs simple

31.07.2023 | 8 min read | Written by George Barnes

Managing office fit-outs can be complex and time-consuming, involving various stakeholders, tight schedules, and countless tasks to coordinate. If you’re searching for a powerful tool to simplify this process and ensure smooth project execution, you’ve come to the right place. 


1. What does the fit-out process look like?

2. What is PlanRadar and what does it do?

3. How PlanRadar can help you manage the whole office fit-out process

4. PlanRadar: the all-in-one platform for your fit-out project

This article talks about how PlanRadar can transform how you manage your office fit-outs. From efficient task allocation and seamless collaboration to streamlined documentation and insightful reporting, PlanRadar offers a comprehensive suite of features that will enhance your productivity and help you achieve sustainable success in your fit-out projects.

What does the fit-out process look like?

The fit-out process involves various stages and activities to transform a space into a functional and customised office environment. Here is what it looks like:

  1. Site Set-Up and Preliminary Work: The fit-out team prepares the site, sets up temporary facilities, and conducts initial assessments of the existing conditions.
  2. Demolition and Strip-Out: Any existing fixtures, partitions, or unwanted elements are removed, creating a clean canvas for the fit-out.
  3. First Fix and Build: Structural modifications, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC installations are carried out to meet the design requirements.
  4. Schedules of Condition: A detailed assessment is conducted to document the existing condition of the space before the fit-out work begins. This serves as a reference for any potential disputes or claims.
  5. Second Fix and Finishes: Walls, ceilings, and flooring are installed or upgraded. Finishing touches such as painting, tiling, and other decorative elements are added.
  6. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E): Custom joinery, workstations, seating, and other furniture are installed to suit the functional needs and design aesthetics.
  7. Snagging: A thorough inspection is conducted to identify any defects, incomplete work, or issues that need rectification. A detailed list outlines all identified snagging items, their locations, and the necessary actions to address them.
  8. Clean Up: The fit-out area is cleaned and prepared for the final stages of the project.
  9. Handover: The completed fit-out is presented to the client for final inspection. Any outstanding snagging items are rectified before the handover.

What is PlanRadar and what does it do?

PlanRadar is a construction and real estate management platform that helps businesses save time, cut costs, and increase overall productivity. It is a cloud-based platform that can be used on any device, and it offers a variety of features to help users manage their projects from start to finish.

Some of the key features of PlanRadar include:

  • Document management: PlanRadar allows users to upload, share, and track documents related to their projects.
  • Defect management & snagging: PlanRadar helps users track defects by allowing them to create snags on-the-go.
  • Site inspections: PlanRadar can conduct site inspections and capture photos, videos, and measurements.
  • Communication: PlanRadar provides a central platform for communication between project stakeholders.
  • Reporting: PlanRadar generates reports that track project progress and identify areas for improvement.

PlanRadar is used by over 120,000 users in over 75 countries. It is a trusted solution for businesses of all sizes, and it is backed by a team of experts committed to helping users succeed.

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How PlanRadar can help you manage the whole office fit-out process

PlanRadar is a comprehensive fit-out management software that can help manage the entire office fit-out process from start to finish. 

The platform’s flexibility allows easy integration with other solutions, providing a seamless and comprehensive digital construction management experience.

Want to create snags? PlanRadar allows you to pin snags directly on project plans and BIM models.

Need customisable templates? Forget about conforming to rigid processes – with PlanRadar, you’re in control.

Looking to build automations in PlanRadar? You can easily automate tasks with no code-setups by integrating 3rd party apps in the PlanRadar connect marketplace.

Here’s how PlanRadar can help you manage the office fit-out process: 

Streamlined Project Planning

With PlanRadar, you can create detailed project plans that include tasks, subtasks, and milestones. The platform allows you to define timelines, dependencies, and critical path analysis, ensuring efficient project scheduling. 

Additionally, you can allocate resources effectively, optimising productivity. PlanRadar also offers notifications and reminders, keeping you informed about upcoming deadlines.

Efficient Task Management

PlanRadar provides a seamless and efficient task management system that simplifies the assignment and tracking of tasks to team members and subcontractors. Project managers can assign specific tasks to individuals or teams with just a few clicks, ensuring clear responsibilities and accountability.

One of the key benefits of PlanRadar is the ability to track task progress in real-time. This feature allows project managers to monitor the status updates and completion percentages of assigned tasks, providing valuable insights into project execution. Real-time updates ensure that everyone involved in the project knows the progress and can adjust their work accordingly.

PlanRadar also offers advanced features for prioritising and rescheduling tasks based on project needs. 

Task filters and search functionalities enhance task management efficiency by enabling users to quickly locate specific tasks, filter by various criteria, and focus on priority areas.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

PlanRadar facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the office fit-out project. The platform’s robust communication tools ensure effective and timely information exchange, promoting efficient project coordination.

With PlanRadar’s messaging feature, team members, subcontractors, and clients can communicate directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for lengthy email chains or relying on external communication channels, streamlining communication and keeping all project-related discussions in one central place. 

The messaging feature allows for quick and convenient communication, enabling stakeholders to promptly address any queries, provide updates, or seek clarifications.

In addition to direct messaging, PlanRadar provides a secure and efficient way to share project-related documents, drawings, and specifications. By uploading and sharing files within the platform, collaboration is enhanced, and all stakeholders can access the most up-to-date project information. 

Comprehensive Documentation

With PlanRadar, you can upload and store many documents, including drawings, plans, contracts, permits, and other important files. The platform acts as a central repository, eliminating the need for physical document storage or scattered digital files. 

This centralised approach allows quick and convenient access to all project-related documentation, saving time and minimising the risk of misplacing or losing important files.

One of the key advantages of using PlanRadar for document management is its ability to generate automatic document logs and revision histories. Every time a document is updated or modified, the platform tracks and records the changes, creating a clear revision history. 

Site Inspections and Issue Management

PlanRadar’s mobile app provides powerful tools for conducting site inspections and effectively managing issues throughout the office fit-out process. With the app, you can easily capture photos of the site, annotate them with comments and markups, and assign issues to the responsible parties. 

Once “issues” are assigned, PlanRadar enables you to track their status in real time. You can specify priorities, set due dates, and monitor progress updates to ensure timely resolution. This level of transparency and accountability ensures that no issues fall through the cracks and are addressed promptly to keep the project on track.

One of the key benefits of using PlanRadar for issue management is the real-time notifications feature. The platform sends instant notifications as issues are updated or resolved, keeping all relevant stakeholders informed. This facilitates effective communication and collaboration, allowing for swift decision-making and proactive issue resolution.

Integration with Other Solutions

PlanRadar seamlessly integrates with existing project management, accounting, or ERP systems. Integration with project management systems allows for smooth coordination between PlanRadar and your overall project management processes. 

Integrating PlanRadar with accounting or ERP systems ensures that financial data related to the office fit-out project is accurately recorded and synced. This integration streamlines the invoicing and budgeting processes, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation and reducing the risk of financial discrepancies.

Furthermore, PlanRadar’s integration capabilities extend to document management systems, allowing for the seamless exchange of project-related documents and ensuring a centralised repository for all project data.

Data Analytics and Reporting

The platform provides comprehensive reports that allow you to assess project performance, monitor resource utilisation, and track issue resolution. These reports are generated based on real-time data collected throughout the project lifecycle, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

The data analytics capabilities of PlanRadar also enable you to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your office fit-out projects. You can track task completion rates, issue resolution times, and resource utilisation to evaluate project progress and identify areas where adjustments may be needed.

In addition to data analytics, PlanRadar offers a wide range of reporting options. You can generate detailed reports on various aspects of your projects, including progress reports, issue reports, and resource reports. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the project’s status, allowing you to communicate effectively with stakeholders and keep them informed.

The availability of data analytics and reporting in PlanRadar empowers you to make data-driven decisions, identify bottlenecks, and take proactive measures to ensure project success. 

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PlanRadar: the all-in-one platform for your fit-out project

In conclusion, PlanRadar is the ultimate solution for simplifying and optimising your office fit-out projects. By leveraging its powerful features, you can reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and elevate your competitiveness in the industry. 

With PlanRadar, you can access efficient task management, seamless communication and collaboration, comprehensive documentation, advanced data analytics, and more. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionise your fit-out projects and achieve exceptional results. Book a demo today and experience first hand how PlanRadar can transform how you manage your office fit-outs. 

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