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The Best Inspection Reporting Software

15.11.2022 | 10 min read | Written by Olga Romanova

Working as an inspector is no easy job. You have to visit remote locations or areas with safety risks to inspect equipment, property, and construction sites. Thus, inspectors are expected to pay attention to details at all times. If an inspection is not done correctly, it can lead to the loss of lives and financial assets.

Over the years, different technology companies have launched inspection reporting software to reduce the workload and efficiency demand on inspectors. From construction to fire inspection, inspection reporting software helps organisations and teams to make data-driven decisions.


An inspection aims to identify defects or deviations in the quality of a site, property, or equipment. A successful inspection process requires that the inspection data is converted to reports.

An inspection report is designed to give the reader information on the results of the inspection. Manually converting the inspection data to reports gives room for errors and is an inefficient use of human resources.

The inspection software ensures that data is easily computed, and any team member can access the reports. Using software to compile inspection reports enables users to evaluate the report in real time, eliminates the labor cost associated with manual means, and makes future reference much easier.

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How Can Inspection Reporting Software Help?

The use of inspection reporting software helps with the following:

• It Saves Time

Software solutions help inspectors to better manage inspection requests and save time in work operations. Inspectors can easily organize and manage schedules with their mobile phones or personal computers instead of paper and pen, which would take more time.

• It Prevents Errors

Inspectors are first humans before professionals; as such, they are likely to make errors when copying the data manually. Using inspection reporting software reduces the error rate from manually inputting the data.

• It Improves Safety Conditions

Inspection reporting software ensures that homeowners or staff of organisations such as construction firms reside or work in a safe environment. By tracking and managing scheduled inspections, safety hazards can be detected and promptly taken care of.

• It Helps Users To Make Informed Decisions

Inspection reporting software ensures that an organization doesn’t just make informed decisions but data-driven decisions. The software compiles the inspection data into reports that will aid in managerial decisions, both immediately and in the future.

• It Prevents Equipment Downtime

Inspection reporting software ensures that inspections are done efficiently and consistently. By regularly inspecting equipment, the inspector can detect potential faults and ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out on time. In the long run, this will increase the lifespan of the equipment.

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7 Best Construction Inspection Reporting Software

Using software for inspection reporting has a lot of benefits. From ensuring compliance regulation to eliminating safety risks, inspection reporting software boost efficiencies in different fields.

While it is sensible to use various inspection reporting software products designed for specific needs, nothing beats having an all-in-one software that covers construction, fire, and home inspections.

This all-in-one solution is what inspectors who use PlanRadar enjoy. PlanRadar is a software management solution that helps track inspection and reports productivity. It is a flexible and powerful inspection reporting tool that can be customized to your needs.

Generally, construction inspection reporting software helps professionals in the construction industry search and identify construction site hazards and present this data in a digital report.

The following are the top construction inspection reporting software:

1. iAuditor


2. Procore

This software created by SafetyCulture is used for construction site inspection. The mobile app helps site inspectors to identify and eliminate safety hazards and non-compliance in construction sites.


With features like an inspection library and accounting integration, Procore helps construction workers avoid safety risks. It is useful for construction organizations with on-site and office-based project teams.



Another product by SafetyCulture, SHEQSY is a mobile app that facilitates the protection of employees in the workspace. It is especially useful for lone workers in remote areas as it helps their organizations track their location at any time. This inspection software allows users to monitor, record, and receive safety alerts on-site.

4. Safetymint


Safetymint’s easy-to-understand dashboard and data-based reports help organizations maintain safety measures at construction sites. The software has end-to-end encryption and both online and offline capabilities.

5. Imfuna Construction Inspector

Imfuna Construction Inspector

For efficiency and consistency when it comes to site inspections, Imfuna Construction Inspector is a must-have software. It presents users with customisable data reports, side-by-side comparison inspections, and a mobile app.

6. InEight


Using InEight, construction firms get to enjoy a software solution for site inspection compliance. The organization can analyze the data reports from the software to do more effective work without fear of safety. InEight is equipped with features such as real-time issue tracking and intelligent forms to help construction workers be more proactive.

7. vHive


vHive is beneficial for field and site inspection reporting because the product uses drone hives to gather data during inspection. The staff of the construction firm can analyze data insights and review site survey reports with the software.

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6 Best Home Inspection Reporting Software

The top home inspection reporting software that can help grow your property inspection business include:

1. Spectora


Spectora is a home inspection software solution that helps home inspectors grow their businesses. It provides users with easy-to-understand reports to enable them to make informed decisions. Spectora’s mobile-friendly website also helps in generating customer leads for home inspectors.

2. Jobber


With Jobber, home inspectors can track their projects and keep customers well-informed. It aids with scheduling jobs efficiently, inventory management, and sending quotes and invoices to clients. Overall, Jobber helps its users save more time.

3. HomeGauge


HomeGauge is designed for the use of residential and commercial inspectors. Providing users with fast and flexible service, home inspectors can easily manage and grow their businesses.

4. Connecteam


Home inspection reporting has been made easier with the Connecteam software. The product allows users to build and customise evaluation forms for their needs. It allows all the team members in the home inspection firm to access and analyze all the information on jobs executed by the organization.

5. Commusoft


Commusoft is a home inspection reporting software solution that helps users manage customer databases, quotations, current jobs, and invoices. Furthermore, the product helps the home inspection business to compile the data on its various activities into easy-to-read reports.

6. GoCanvas


GoCanvas helps home and property inspectors to properly assess the condition of a building. The software provides inspection forms that help real estate professionals and home inspectors efficiently carry out inspection services.

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5 Best Fire Inspection Reporting Software

Reliable fire inspection reporting software used by inspectors include:

1. SmartServ


The user-friendly interface of SmartServ makes it an easy-to-use software for fire inspection reporting. SmartServ is capable of turning paper files into electronic format. It can also generate service proposals from the field and provide e-signatures on reports.

2. Streamline


This fire inspection reporting software enables users to conduct and manage data reports. Inspectors can also create fire inspection checklists based on their needs.

3. Inspect Point

Inspect Point

Inspect Point is a fire inspection reporting software that facilitates management tasks. It allows fire inspection firms to schedule and dispatch inspections to their staff. The software solution also updates the management team on ongoing and completed inspections and allows users to send on-field signatures.

4. IMEC Technologies

IMEC Technologies

This fire reporting software extends to life and equipment inspections. It helps inspectors evaluate compliance regulations and carry out proper documentation. The web-based software allows users to keep track of fire inspection equipment and generate service proposals from the field.

5. SafetyScan’s Life Safety Inspector

SafetyScan’s Life Safety Inspector

Users of SafetyScan’s Life Safety Inspector can execute, track, and manage fire inspections from anywhere in the world. The software solution has control and analytics features that aid inspection and documentation of reports. The data reports can be easily accessed online by team members.

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