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The Golden Thread: Global HSE’s approach to the new fire safety regulations using PlanRadar

13.12.2022 | 4 min read | Written by Olga Romanova

With the Building Safety Act and the new Fire Regulations coming into force in 2023, our entire industry is focused on how to meet the new legislation requirements. The implementation of a so-called digitised ‘Golden Thread’ has been much discussed and has different interpretations at each stage of the building lifecycle. Our customer and partner Global HSE, who specialise in providing passive fire protection from project conception, through construction to remedial works, share their approach to the Golden Thread and how they use PlanRadar in their working processes.

Building compliance is being highlighted more than ever because of fire doorset legislation amendments. As of 23rd January 2023, it will be a legal requirement to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to reduce the risk of fire. Upon failure to comply to the legislation, the responsible persons will be penalised both legally and financially.

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the Golden Thread

Global’s approach to the Golden Thread

One of the most crucial elements of the amended legislation is the introduction of the Golden Thread approach, purposed to link the lifecycle of a fire door at each stage. Essentially, all components are to be tested, manufactured, surveyed, installed, and maintained. This process works to ensure compliance and traceability in your building and avoid bad practice.

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The approach is made up of seven individual stages:

  • Design and test
  • Specification
  • Surveys
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Audited inspection
  • Maintenance

Ceasefire is Global’s composite FD30 PAS24 SBD fire door range. We can survey, supply, and install fire doors to meet your bespoke requirements with an industry best lead time. Our fire doors are made with sustainably sourced materials and agri-fibre cores and have a lifespan of up to 25 years. As a business, we are ecologically conscious, and endeavour to recycle all the fire doors we remove whilst installing new ones. We are proud to say that over 90% of Global’s fire doors are recoverable or recyclable.

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Should a fire door be installed by a non-approved installer, the warranty and quality may be affected. Global’s fire door installers are trained to an exemplary standard in the entire ‘fire door system’. Thus, meaning they are Q-Mark certified ‘Composite and Timber Fire Door Installers’. Our installers are also audited, and third party approved by B M Trada, which works to replicate their competency.

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NFC tracking

Ensuring all relevant data regarding the fire door’s lifecycle is accurately documented, we have teamed up with PlanRadar to implement NFC tracking to our Ceasefire fire doors. This technology enables all documents relevant to the lifecycle of the fire door to be uploaded. Therefore, making the process easier if another individual requires access to the data. The documents cannot be manually deleted, ensuring that documents can’t be lost, and all the relevant documentation is readily available.  Easy access to manufacture and installation data helps to identify any major and minor alterations since the previous fire door inspection. This is crucial as it can be very easy to overlook small alterations that can make a fire door non-compliant.

At Global, we promote full traceability from project conception to completion using digital data capture at the four key phases for complete asset management under the B M Trada Q Mark 170 scheme. It is our specialty to provide fire safety and passive fire protection from project conception through construction, to remedial works.

This material was contributed by Andrew Cooper, Managing Director of Global HSE

*Global HSE Solutions are industry leaders in providing the complete approach to fire safety and passive fire protection.

Fire safety specialists can assign problems, in the form of tickets, straight to a construction plan using PlanRadar’s fire safety software. They may include supporting documentation in this ticket, including images, videos, voice recordings, and written remarks. 

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