Manage PlanRadar users with the tap of a finger

Add new users with just a few clicks and share information with your project team without delay.

Easily assign user roles to organise project members more efficiently.

Note: This guide is for the PlanRadar web version

Step 1Create or invite a user

You can create or invite an unlimited amount of subcontractors and watchers into your account for free. The amount of in-house users you can invite is based on your PlanRadar subscription plan.

The ‘Users’ menu in the navigation bar allows you to create in-house-users (users within your company), subcontractors or watchers (for reporting and oversight).

When you invite users to join PlanRadar they will receive a link to set up their own password.

Create or invite a user

Step 2Create user roles

You can give all your in-house users specific user roles. For example, you can create a role for all your architects, site managers, or technicians. For each role you can define if the users can create, view, and edit projects, tickets, and documents.

To create a new user role, go to the menu item ‘Roles‘ in the left navigation bar, click on ‘Create new role‘, and set the users permissions.

Please note: Subcontractors and watchers have pre-set permissions that cannot be changed on PlanRadar.

Create user roles

Step 3Assign a user to a role

Assigning multiple users to a role guarantees that all of them work with the same kind of information. This helps avoid errors and miscommunication.

To assign a user to a role, go to ‘Projects‘ in the left navigation bar, choose your project, and navigate to the ‘Add users‘ tab. Then, add an in-house user to your project and assign them to the desired user role.

Assign a user to a role