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"PlanRadar makes very efficient construction management possible. The current status of a project, including plans and contacts, can be accessed via mobile devices. All the information is brought together and is clearly presented so that costs and time can be managed efficiently."

UBM Development

UBM Development: Leuchtbergring München

UBM Development: the real estate developer that relies on PlanRadar

How UBM Development has digitalised warranty management and acceptance processes

UBM Development AG is headquartered in Vienna and operates outside of Austria too. Not only does the company have a strong local network but it has also developed market expertise that covers the whole of Central Europe. This setup helps the team to quickly identify opportunities and to use them for future growth. An interdisciplinary team of specialists develop innovative ideas to bring together different interests and to create potential new projects and concepts for how buildings are used.

As a full-service real estate company, UBM offers an integrated approach that spans everything from market analysis to project development and control, financing and asset management. Experienced experts support the process from the initial idea to the handover to the renters or investors. The UBM Hotels Management GmbH subsidiary was founded in 2016 to maximise operational efficiency in hotel leasing and to pool skills and offer comprehensive services for all leasing matters.

UBM’s tagline is green, smart and more, which shows how the company is focusing on sustainable living. The green firm aims to become Europe’s leading developer of wooden buildings and to minimise CO2 emissions throughout the whole life cycle of each project with renewable energy. This forms part of its contribution to the EU Green Deal, which foresees climate neutrality by 2050. Secondly, UBM’s smart projects, which combine intelligent building automation with sensor technology, can lower operating costs and incorporate sustainability. And for the and more part? Each UBM structure, with its distinctive look, tells a unique and expressive story and offers other types of added value beyond its main purpose.

UBM Development: QBC Wien

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Software has replaced pens and paper

UBM Development is specialised in supporting the whole life cycle of real estate and assets, from seeking out locations at the start to sale at the end. They also offer project development, planning permission acquisition, other planning and project management, refurbishment, financing and leasing.

Kerstin Goßmann is the head of warranty management and building operations at UBM Development in Munich and has been using PlanRadar since 2019 in her role. She first came into contact with the platform through colleagues in Vienna who had already tested the software. Project managers, with users and others involved with the build, also use PlanRadar for acceptance inspections.

Goßmann’s Austrian colleagues took care of training. The intuitive user interface means that no time-consuming induction periods were required – the software was easy to use and to get started with. New colleagues and other people involved are introduced to the application by discussing it with each other and using the clear instructions in the application.

UBM Development primarily use PlanRadar for warranty management and in the acceptance process. In particular, the platform helps to continuously check and track the processing status of defects.

UBM Development: QBC Wien

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Huge savings through digitalisation

Before the company used PlanRadar, defects were noted on paper floor plans and processed with Excel tables. Teams worked through the documents on an ongoing basis and accessed updates when they were distributed to others.

Digitalising these processes via PlanRadar has significantly streamlined these tasks. Administration and construction workers are regularly in contact with each other to deal with open tickets and they also use the software’s reporting functions for this.

UBM Development: IHG Holiday Inn Express Düsseldorf

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The digital solution specifically simplifies documentation, communication, defect recording, task management and reporting.

Kerstin Goßmann considers the main benefits of PlanRadar to be the time saved on complaints processing and on preventing errors and miscommunication in everyday work processes. Large plans and notes are a thing of the past and agreements with customers or clients now have a more defined structure. They are clearer and always up to date.

Being able to digitally complete the processes mentioned means that Kerstin Goßmann has greatly reduced her number of visits to the site – and therefore saved a significant amount of time and money.

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UBM Development uses these PlanRadar functions:

Efficient work processes in defect management

Efficient work processes in defect management

PlanRadar’s flexible ticket system means that construction defects can be monitored while they are being remedied.

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Mobile documentation on tablets and smartphones

Mobile documentation on tablets and smartphones

PlanRadar offers simple communication using photos and videos and a wide range of documentation options. This leads to major time savings.

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Simple task assignment

Simple task assignment

This tool enables quick and easy assignment of tasks to the relevant worker and tracking of progress from anywhere.

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