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"By using PlanRadar, it is now possible for us to communicate with our business partners through a shared platform so that everyone is up to date at all times. We therefore save on time and costs."

Reducing the workforce needed on projects

How residential property developer DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG made defect and warranty processes more efficient with PlanRadar

DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG is a residential property developer that specialises in renovating, modernising, and selling homes in listed buildings and in designated redevelopment areas. They were looking to improve their communication and information exchange processes, as well as defect managment.
Working with PlanRadar, DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG has since has experienced a dramatic reduction in the number of emails being sent internally and cut administration time on each project equivalent to needing one less person.

The problem: lack of standardised communication and information exchange

In all project phases, from the purchase of the flat to after the end of the warranty phase, the company works together with various groups and people, ranging from property managers to craftsmen to external engineering firms. In the past, the processes involved were sometimes very time-consuming“We often worked with Excel lists and sent snagging notices to our tradespeople via fax or registered mail. We also communicated via email and telephone”, said the company. But communication and the exchange of information were not standardised, which increased the administrative work required.

The team at DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG was looking for a solution to enable it to communicate with all business partners and project workers through a shared platform. The solution also needed to be legally compliant so that, for example, complete documentation could be submitted in court in the event of a legal dispute.

The solution: using PlanRadar to record and document defects

Since 2019, DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG has relied on PlanRadar for defect management tasks. “After a short test phase, we quickly implemented PlanRadar for all projects”, the residential property developer noted. PlanRadar is currently used for 13 projects. One of these is the von Richthofen Park development in Villingen-Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg. A total of 15 buildings will be completed by 2023, including 7 historic buildings and 8 new builds. To guarantee seamless information exchange between everyone involved, the residential property developer set up user access for the external site management, the property managers and the trades for all projects. PlanRadar is primarily used to record and document defects. Information is recorded in the form of comments, images, videos or audio recordings on digital building plans and on multidimensional BIM models. In addition, PlanRadar also compiles information into exportable project reports and site diaries.

The result: quick and efficient work leads to satisfied users and clients

By using PlanRadar, project workers no longer have to spend hours creating Excel lists. “We have also significantly reduced the number of emails we sent back and forth, because each user can view updates at any time with PlanRadar”, the company explained. Less administrative work meant that DBA Deutsche Bauwert AG could save on manpower and deploy one less worker. Seamless documentation of all facts also ensures legal certainty. If necessary, actions, responsibilities and other data points are easy to understand at all times. The company explained how clients benefit too: “PlanRadar not only makes work more efficient, but it makes it quicker too. And the faster processing of tasks leads to greater customer satisfaction.

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DBA Deutsche Bauwert uses PlanRadar software for these tasks:

Defect management

Defect management

DBA Deutsche Bauwert records information about defects and effortlessly shares it with the team.

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Digital site diary

Digital site diary

With the digital site diary, DBA can easily access real-time updates and edit or add these.

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Warranty inspections

Warranty inspections

The transparency of PlanRadar ensures that everyone involved has access to the same information and all questions can be easily resolved

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