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“PlanRadar eliminated the need to communicate everything in person or via email, where a lot of details get lost. In PlanRadar, everything is neatly and clearly organised in one place.”

Adam Paulenda,

Project Manager, DELTA Group Czech Republic

Increase efficiency by 30% and reduce the number of site visits by half

DELTA Group Czech Republic optimises defect management and acceptance of works during the reconstruction and expansion of the IKEA store in Brno

DELTA Group Czech Republic provides comprehensive services in the field of civil engineering. Its clients can benefit from tailored solutions including BIM modelling, building design, construction management, tendering, digital data environment, building sustainability certification and IT services and support. Founded in 1977 in Austria, the company has been operating in the Czech market for over 30 years. It currently has over 300 employees and is involved in more than 500 projects per year worth a total of EUR 4.5 billion.

IKEA store reconstruction project in Brno

The furniture chain IKEA started the reconstruction and expansion of its Brno store in February 2022 and the final approval was given at the end of March 2023. Work was carried out 24/7 while maintaining full operation over the entire one-year period. The aim of the reconstruction was the overall modernisation of the premises: shop modification, renovation of the self-service warehouse, extension of the restaurant and improvements to the gastro facilities. Great emphasis was also placed on new sustainable solutions. Consequently, the project aspires to obtain the internationally recognised BREEAM certification of the Very Good standard. One of the major investments included a purchase of heat pumps, which allowed the department store to completely switch to an alternative source of heating, and the installation of solar panels on the roof, which will supply green energy with an output of 510 kWp. This will cover up to 20% of the energy consumption. In addition, charging stations are going to be built for customers with electric vehicles. The total usable area of the building was expanded by 1,200 m2 and the costs amounted to approximately CZK 0.5 billion.

Implementation of PlanRadar on the IKEA project

DELTA Group Czech Republic was responsible for the complete project management during the reconstruction and expansion of the Brno IKEA store. The company provided technical supervision and cost management, coordinated an international team of contractors and supervised safety at work. At the investor’s request, the reconstruction was carried out under full store operation, which increased the requirements for coordination as construction work had to be aligned with the operational needs of the store. DELTA was managing the individual subcontractors to ensure that the construction work caused as little disruption to customers as possible. It was necessary to separate construction zones with dust walls and fences, comply with increased demands for cleanliness, perform noisy and dusty work only during the night outside of business hours, and temporarily adjust the road traffic organisation. DELTA Group Czech Republic used PlanRadar mainly to record defects and unfinished work, but also to record requests from the investor for extra work.

Benefits of PlanRadar in practice

The implementation of PlanRadar brings a wide spectrum of benefits, which are particularly noticeable in time savings, reduction of site visits, elimination of paper documents and streamlined communication.

At the time of project approval, approximately 1,700 defect and deficiency tickets had been created. The complete set of drawings was digitised, with approximately 5 main drawings being used for logging the tickets. Using PlanRadar saved up to 50% of site visits and increased collaboration efficiency by 30%. One ticket took approximately 1 minute to create and distribute. In addition, the use of PlanRadar reduced the amount of paper documents on site by up to 30%. Furthermore, 100% of defect and unfinished work reports were generated in PlanRadar. Overall, the implementation of PlanRadar resulted in time savings of approximately 60-70%. To achieve more efficient workflows, DELTA Group Czech Republic is currently using PlanRadar in 6 other projects in the Czech Republic.

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Delta Group uses PlanRadar to support these workflows.

Document management and communication across the team

Document management and communication across the team

Delta Group saves time and is better organised thanks to a paperless digital system. The ability to access all information from each project in seconds gives all team members a clear overview.

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Optimised defect management workflows

Optimised defect management workflows

With PlanRadar's extensive set of tools for defect documentation, Delta Group has increased its productivity during the implementation process. Assigning individual defects to responsible persons within the application is much more useful, practical, and environmentally friendly than writing lists on paper.

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Site inspections for quality improvement

Site inspections for quality improvement

PlanRadar's features allow Delta Group to record inspections in the housing units, which makes the project implementation easier and smoother. Together with the builder's technical supervisor, they create checklists to check, for example, the individual phases of the contact insulation system or the roof structure.

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