The Era of Construction & Remodeling Estimating Software

It was not so long ago that estimations and cost calculations for material and works on the construction site were made manually. Especially when it is a matter of obtaining a partial performance in a project from a construction company, calculations must be coherent so that they can be compared with each other and the suitable company awarded the contract. However, just as the term preliminary costing suggests, such invoices are assumptions that serve only to describe a defect-free and optimal workflow.

Software vendors facilitate and accelerate such processes. Microsoft Excel, for example, is the absolute pioneer when it comes to spreadsheets. Today, however, more and more companies are advertising smartphone applications that transfer the same benefits to your tablet or mobile phone and thus guarantee mobility at work, but also cost and time savings.

We would like to show you as project participants that it takes more than a spreadsheet to implement cost estimates or cost calculations without having to answer for additional costs due to faulty work or defects.

Spreadsheets, pen and calculator used for Construction & Remodeling Estimating

PlanRadar complements your calculation software at this point and ensures that your plans become reality.

We’ll illustrate the following:

  • What an Estimating Software must be able to provide,
  • why a calculation must be cast iron proof,
  • why individuals and not the software are a risk factor and
  • with what aspects PlanRadar enriches your company.

Estimating Software supplemented by Construction Business Software

Back to the definition. Construction cost estimating software is computer software designed to help contractors and subcontractors tabulate their costs for a specific project. Based on such an invoice, offers can be made which, if accepted, become part of the construction contract. If architects or engineers use software products like these, then in most cases they will be able to create and submit a more detailed cost calculation to their client. On this basis, the client or owner decides on the implementation of the measures designed by the planner.

So, when we deal with calculations in the construction industry, there are two main factors with which you can convince your client to trust you!  These are not necessarily related to your performance but concentrate only on the partial aspects that affect the money.

First: Accuracy

You will only convince and continue to be recommended in the long term if your estimating calculations are correct. Unpleasant surprises that lead to additional costs for the construction site, even if they are convincingly justified or there is no way around them, can easily dissatisfy your customers.

Second: Speed

Working on a schedule does not just begin with the work on the construction site. Customers expect a reliable, reputable professional partner to support their side. First impressions count. The faster you can respond to a request, the better off you are. A quick and accurate offer is appreciated by the customer. Professionalism begins with the first contact!

Exactly these two factors are best served by the applications currently on the market. Via an integrated data pool, items can be retrieved, their quantity extrapolated and inserted into a spreadsheet. All this works quite easy with most architecture apps via an intuitive interface. As soon as these steps have been completed, the created offer can be sent, received and confirmed directly by e-mail and with an electronic signature.

Nevertheless, what measures do you use to fix the calculations and ensure that your costs estimates do not explode due to incalculable incidents? PlanRadar Construction Business Software supports your goal for long-term satisfaction in customers. The trial version of our software application is now available to you free of charge for 30 days!

Two helpless men discussing pitfalls in their calculations

Contractor Business Software – PlanRadar against pitfalls

A successful construction business software is also a contractor business software. Securing your goals is only possible if all project participants pull together. Ultimately, a delay due to the fault of another subcontractor can also be responsible for you having to let your work rest, leading to delays and thus to additional costs that were not foreseen in any of your invoices.

The following complications may also occur:

  1. Anyone who concentrates on his calculations and only working with standard tables runs the risk of inadvertently giving cells a wrong value. Such errors lead to miscalculations! For this reason, calculation or estimating programs for the construction industry often work with libraries, structures, and formulas to avoid such errors.
  2. The employee responsible has not read the bidding accurately and therefore also misjudges the necessary work described in the project documents.
  3. You do not visit the construction site and are not able to react adequately to the local conditions or are surprised by them. Such problems can cause bigger problems, especially when developing the construction site and making it accessible.
  4. You do not notice any errors in your offer because you fail to compare your documents with reference projects and check their plausibility.
  5. One of your employees is responsible for a defect in the construction work. You may have to order new material, accept waiting times or even shut down the entire construction site.


Even this short list makes it clear that errors in cost calculation and execution can occur for many reasons. At the center of these errors, however, is not software, but the person who does not handle tasks properly or works in an unprofessional way.

Using PlanRadar as an example, we show you how contractor business software for construction documentation and business management prevents this and supplements your preliminary and final costing. Cover your additional costs now by the interaction between a software and an entire team instead of an individual!

The Construction Manager Software

The functions around PlanRadar are quickly explained and intuitive in their handling. Our main aim is to strengthen and support the part between people and software that affects the integrity of any calculation. It is not the software that is the most error-prone part of an operation, but the person who operates it. PlanRadar therefor focuses on improving interpersonal interaction!

PlanRadar is a construction project management system for construction documentation and defect management. Always at hand and always mobile, PlanRadar is an easy to use app that operates on your smartphone, tablet and desktop PC.

As a contractor, you can load your construction plans into our interface and always have them at hand from that point on. Via their mobile device, all participants involved in the implementation of your project can now look at a common overview regardless where they are. With the help of a “ticket” whenever you, the local building inspector, or any other person responsible notices a defect on-site they can directly record them within the building plan itself. Such a ticket then contains information about the defect in the form of photos, texts, and voice recordings. Now you just have to send your recording to the person responsible for correcting the problem and track its progress. The constant overview and direct communication, between all those working on the project, ensure clarity and transparency in all processes. You will not be surprised by defects that exceed your or the client’s budget and jeopardize your reputation.

PlanRadar as construction task management software will chronologically document all services performed on the project as well as your communication with the project participants. This measure secures you in the long term if recourse claims arise after the work has been completed and the party responsible must be found. You can retrieve your conclusive records from our cloud at any time!

Teamwork is one of the most important pillars of a functioning corporate structure. The complete and conclusive documentation of all steps that your employees take secures you and at the same time makes it possible for you to keep track of everything, whether in the office, at home or on the road, without physically being on site.


PlanRadar for a safe and sound estimation

As an experienced contractor, you are no longer just inconvenienced but annoyed by calculations that are wrong. Such errors do not necessarily have to be found in the calculation itself. The budget can be exceeded for many reasons. Nevertheless, it is important for you to take all measures that enable you to avoid such cost explosions. Your experience and the right software for your calculation form a solid basis. We are the right partner for taking care of risks that come up after your bid has been accepted!

Only the combination of software and human interaction can promise long-term overview and cost security. Neither a human being nor a computer alone can do this.

If your reputation is important to you and if you agree with us and therefore believe that teamwork has something to do with cost security, then contact us now. We will be happy to advise you on all further steps in the implementation of PlanRadar in your company.

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