Quality assurance in construction: 5 golden rules for saving money

Reputation-, trust-, and quality-assurance are the cornerstones of the construction industry for continuous growth. If you want to create customer confidence you must stand behind the quality of your work. But quality is nothing you create on your own – it’s a team effort. Every project member takes ownership of ensuring the highest level of quality. Planned and systematic actions, as well as flexibility regarding unforeseen events, are must-haves to minimize construction costs while meeting all requirements.

Read this article which aspects of quality assurance you should consider and how to deliver the highest level of quality in the construction industry by using PlanRadar construction software.

saving money in construction business with PlanRadar


5 golden rules for saving money on construction

golden rules

If you want to deliver a high-quality construction project respectively building, minimize construction costs, and meet all stakeholder requirements. You should consider the following five rules:

  1. Monitor the advertising for bids and awarding contracts for a building project closely. Contracts are the foundation of your outcome.
  2. Before the construction phase: don’t scrimp examining the qualifications of your subcontractors carefully. It will take some time in the beginning but take the best-qualified subs will save you costs in the long run, enforce high quality and ensure your standards through appropriate requirements regarding your staff.
  3. Planning, design, and development of plans: continuously evaluate if you are flexible enough to adopt unforeseen changes. Keep the planning dynamic, failure can cause massive delays.
  4. Construction activities: monitoring construction activities closely ensure meeting plan specifications and is an assurance for building customer confidence.
  5. Continuous interaction: evaluation and reviews of all above-mentioned activities is the supreme discipline and key to minimizing costs and control projects.


Quality assurance in construction implementation by using PlanRadar

To keep your construction and planning dynamic you need to have good software helping you to manage all these aspects on the job site. We’re not in the 90s anymore so don’t act like that by using paper sheets and old technology! Raise your standards!

Efficient communication and automated performed tasks are the features you are looking for nowadays! PlanRadar’s new cloud-based software program will help you with defect management, construction documentation, blueprint management and many more implemented services. What is the difference between a good team and a winning team on site? Compared to a good team, the winning team connects all project participants with each other, ensures a supply of detailed information about project and task status in real-time, and makes a collaboration on-site super-fast and easy. That’s the key to quality assurance and profitable job and project.

You decide which team you want to belong to. Only by choice! Contact us, enrich your company, use our service and start to control your project policy now.

Use case – PlanRadar and plan management

Try PlanRadar for blueprint management purposes and ensure high-speed communication between engineers and architects to control and meet all standards regarding high-quality work, good materials, and an ensured safety when it comes to inspection, revision or control! On-site, you spot two crafts crossing each other, whereupon spontaneous changes have to be made. Surely, these changes have to be adopted in the plans. Upload your digital floorplan to the PlanRadar Software and create a ticket for every issue with the app.

Subsequently, you can locate your ticket in the uploaded drawing and add photos, voice recordings, and text to that ticket. The engineer or architect – if added to your project – will see the open task in seconds! He or she can apply the changes to the paper plan, upload, and replace it with the old one. No more information loss, no travel times, or meetings, instead all of this: quality assurance. Using our product PlanRadar is that simple!

You can easily implement PlanRadar in your company and everyday operations. Its intuitive design and handling make it possible to test the software on the fly. You will not need any training program to use PlanRadar’s services.

Some last words

Construction planning is a complex process. The actual construction must be kept up-to-date on a regular daily basis because progress development will often vary and facing schedule changes due to unforeseen events is part of the business.

Quality assurance in construction is simply making sure that you deliver the required quality. The prevention of quality problems requires a well-documented construction punch list in which obligations are met and all resources are used to optimize and control processes. Comparing results with existing benchmarks and frequent reviews support continuous improvement and innovation. This process involves all planned and systematic actions from planning, pre-construction, construction, used materials and product safety to facility management and the warranty period. It covers the overall problem of obtaining the quality of the facility in the most efficient way that’s possible – economically and satisfactorily. Quality assurance is a manifold task. To cope with your responsibilities, it´s necessary to consider a matching software service for your construction business. Contact PlanRadar to get yourself a demo version of our application.