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"PlanRadar is regularly used for renovations and work on new buildings in grocery retail for BILLA, BILLA PLUS, BIPA, PENNY and ADEG. The software is used by around five users per store."

Stefan Pany,

Director of the Technical Department at BILLA AG

Saving time with efficient communication and complaint handling

How REWE Group Austria optimises defect management and approvals during construction and refurbishment of retail units and branch inventory surveys.

REWE Group Austria, a major retail conglomerate, faced the challenge of eliminating duplicated work and streamlining their defect management and approval processes. They initially experimented with various methods, including using Microsoft Office software, but found them to be inefficient. As a solution, they adopted PlanRadar.

PlanRadar quickly won over users, allowing them to assign tasks efficiently, centralise information access, and streamline claim management. As a result, they saved time, reduced equipment requirements, and lowered costs.

Overall, PlanRadar significantly improved process efficiency, reduced paper use, and provided clear, standardised, and cost-effective solutions to defect management and approvals within REWE Group Austria.


The challenge: eliminating the duplication of work

As the senior project manager, Roger Lenherr is responsible for introducing PlanRadar in the Technical Department. The technical project managers are responsible for coordinating and monitoring costs, deadlines and quality for the whole of the project. BILLA became aware of PlanRadar when its team was searching for a web-based application to standardise processes in defect management and approvals. In earlier projects, the team tested other methods, for example using Microsoft Office software for store surveys. They also trialled sending simple defect messages via telephone or email or within different construction reports. This did not lead to the desired efficiency — a great deal of work was duplicated. For example, some issues were flagged by both the local building inspection team and specialist technicians. Instead, the team decided to trial PlanRadar.

The solution: increased efficiency with PlanRadar’s easy-to-use ticketing tool

Within REWE Group Austria, the roll-out of PlanRadar began with their BIPA stores in 2014. The team tested the software’s various functions in an initial project, winning over users. In particular, the team found that the flexible ticket system optimised work processes. They could directly assign tasks and work orders to the responsible person; all the other workers can view the status quo at any time. Roger Lenherr explained why he is happy with the software: “By accessing a central platform, all technicians have access to the same level of information. This prevents errors and miscommunications”. PlanRadar helps technicians and architects to save a great deal of time by allowing them to add pins to digital plans, upload photos and submit complete documentation from site with a tablet or smartphone. Claim management can be started immediately after a problem has been identified. By working with PlanRadar, the team also need less equipment for acceptance and defect management on site. Workers no longer need to take large printouts of plans, cameras or notepads with them. Instead, these can all be replaced by PlanRadar’s features for mobile devices. “PlanRadar is regularly used for renovations and work on new buildings in food retail for BILLA, BILLA PLUS, BIPA, PENNY and ADEG. The software is used by around five users per store,” said Stefan Pany. With such a large number of users, a training phase is very important. All the workers involved need to have good knowledge of the software to be able to use its numerous features to achieve the best possible results. At REWE Group Austria, this challenge has been overcome with application and training documents that the company has created. These contain all the responsibilities and basic conditions for use that users need to be aware of.

Time savings, efficient processing and new applications

By using PlanRadar when REWE Group Austria stores are built and surveyed, the company has seen a significant increase in process efficiency. Roger Lenherr spoke about his positive experience with the software and how it saves time: “With PlanRadar, our processes are standardised, clear and efficient. No work is duplicated.” Because using the task and defect management software reduces paper use, the company also lowers their costs. Roger Lenherr is already planning to implement PlanRadar at REWE Group Austria for more applications: “PlanRadar has proven itself to be an intuitive and user-friendly tool in our processes. It is currently mainly used for construction acceptance and defect management. However, it will also be adopted for construction documentation in the future.”

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REWE Group uses PlanRadar for these tasks:

Optimised defect management processes

Optimised defect management processes

The easy-to-use and flexible ticketing system reduces errors miscommunications. All project participants have access to a central platform and the same level of information

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Mobile photo documentation

Mobile photo documentation

Adding pins to digital plans, uploading photos and videos and the option to work on documentation using a tablet or smartphone save REWE Group Austria an enormous amount of time.

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Efficient task assignment

Efficient task assignment

With PlanRadar, BILLA AG can design its processes to be standardised, clear and - above all - efficient. Tasks are assigned to the person responsible and no work is duplicated

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